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Should you or the guy ask them out?

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the guy should ask out the girl because it is more formal and you look like a tool when you get asked out by a chick.

except when its a saide Hawkins dance

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a guy should ask a girl out a girl should never ask a guy out......:D

It depends. The girl likes the guy and he won't ask her out? The girl defiantly should ask the guy out. If the guy really likes the girl? The guy should go ahead and ask her out.

no, a guy should always ask a girl out.

Not for me if the guy will not make a move we should and there is not to be a shame of asking a guy not a thing I say you should. Need help ask

Ask him out or get a friend to ask him out for you .

No never should a girl ask out a guy

What if you have a guy friend and then he ask you out and you think it will be awkward then you go out and you dump him what should you do?

If she really wants to know she should ask him herself.

coming from a guy, movie or pizza

Of course you should ask him. This means that both of you are meant to be. You must be confident and ask him out.

Yes, you should ask a guy to a casual dance. This can create a great friendship if you ask someone that you do not know well or who is not very popular.

Well depends if the the guy likes you if you dont know that then ask one of his buddies if he does and you think he is the dating type of guy then ask him yourself

you should ask him to book a room

well ask you friend to ask that guy if he likes you and if he does talk to him..

Then you should ask him out. Or be his friend and talk to him for a while and after that ask him out. Its that simple!

There's nothing wrong with you asking him out.Yeh, but the guy SHOULD ask the girl out.

It is simple just find out if they are gay or bi and ask them out just as u would to ask out a girl.

A girl should never ask a guy out the guyshould always ask the girl just wait till the guy Aks you out.

Answer I don't see why the burden should always be on the guy to ask the girl out, both sexes should loosen up a bit and get it on.

You should ask the guy about it before you do anything!

maybe u should ask him if he wonts to take the next step

Ask him why he did it! He should have a reason.

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