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Ask him out or get a friend to ask him out for you .

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You should like the guy who suites you better and likes most of the same things you do. The guy who will like you for you and wouldn't want you to change.

If you like a guy that has a girlfriend, you should only like him from afar.

you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys) you should forget the guy and move on (don't waste time on guys)

A guy should like you for who you are. Not for what kind of clothes you wear or if you have big boobs or a big butt.

I think to make a guy like you, you should be yourself and i think he should fall for you if you are hot.

The one you like. Nobody should ever make you choose who you like. This is entirely up to you.

If the guy you like invites you to homecoming, you should go with him.

I'm a guy and I say that you should talk to this guy, figure out what he likes and then show him that you like/can like the same things too.

I personally do not like dating a shorter guy, but if he is a nice guy and you like him so for it.

well he should when he feels like it.

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend then you should back off and only try and be his friend.

You should tell the guy who likes you that you don't like him, but not until you ask the guy who you like if he likes you.

If that happens, you should question which guy you like more (the one you are with, or the other guy) and decide based on that.

You should be honest with the first guy and not string him along. The fact that the second guy doesn't like you back - if that is the case there's nothing you can do.

if you're best friends then maybe to save your friendship you should talk to her and neither of you should try and get the guy to like you.

I think you should Just try to impress him. Don't rush anything... Act like your interested by in a way don't. Never chase after a guy.

NO! How do you think that makes the guy who does like you feel plus its just wrong

Your question doesn't make sense. If you like a guy and he fights with you, you should just leave him alone.

In certain cases you should, because if you ask the guy then he is going to know that you like him automatically and it would be awkward for the guy. Your hitch, Cloillia Perez

It depends if the guy talks to you or any help. If not you shouldn't because what help is it when you like someone that is useless to you.

First ask yourself these questions: How much do I like him?Is he worth it?Will he treat me right?Does he really know me?You should decide on which guy you like first though c; goodluck!

Great friend you have. If the guy says he likes your friend to her face she should say how she doesn't like him and he should go for someone else.( and kinda point how he should like you, but not in a obvious way.)

You should go to that guy and tell him that you like him.That's what I did when i had relationship problems.You should just ask him out.But if u really want him to like you should do something for him and you should try to break'em up

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