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Yes. True love is hard to find. If this might be it, don't let the past be an obstacle. Unless you don't like him too much and don't think you'll have any regrets. No, you should not. Best reason for this is people talk, sometimes unfavorably and men in general are too willing too share their "experiences" in the work place because of pecking order in the job. Im sure there are other avenue for you to pursue being that we woman are too special to waste on an X, you broke up for a reason, find another man to fix. You should go for anything you feel, but don't go for the guy just to make your ex jealous. If you were him, you would be crushed about the person flaunting the new relationship in your face. If the guy you like is someone that you want to be with, then go for it. After all, you wouldn't want you ex to do the same thing to you, so just keep it on the down-low for a bit nd then show that you are no longer interested in him and you are more focused on your new guy. Just be careful about the mistakes that you could make, because you ex may want to be your friend again. I hope I helped!!

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Should you tell a girl how you feel if she is already in a relationship and people have given hints to her already but she either ignores them or does not believe them?

if someone is already in a relationship with someone else it is wrong to pursue them.

What should you do if a someone tells you they want to pursue a relationship with you but is still in love with their ex wife?

Honestly, If they are in love with their ex then there not worth it. you will find someone who loves you and only you.

Can you be unsure about your feelings for someone?

Yes, if you are unsure you should take an open look at the person and decide if you like them or not, and if you do like them should you pursue them and take your relationship further

Why would a guy say he likes you and then not pursue you?

Because he may be in a relationship with someone else and just have you on the side so when the time is right he will pursue you then

Is it appropriate for women to pursue men for a relationship?

Sure go for it, wish someone would chase after me.

What does it mean to dream someone tells you they want a relationship with you?

It might mean that subconsciously you are attracted to them or perhaps want to pursue a relationship with them. Or if you are sure that you do not want a relationship with that person you might just be projecting your want of a relationship onto someone you know.

What can we do if our personal set of ethics clashes with someone else's?

First decide if you want to pursue the relationship or avoid the relationship. If you want to pursue the relationship, then you'll have to learn to understand them and find a way to live with each other in harmony. This might mean that you'll have to compromise some of your ethics.

Will you please be your boyfriend DylanIam12?

Please do not use this website to pursue a relationship. This site is for questions and answers, not for asking someone to be your boyfriend. You can do that in email or in person.

I want to ask out my exboyfriend but im afraid I broke his heart badly. I regret breaking up with him because of long distance...but I can finally go see him but me and him a separate...?

If you wish to pursue him, simply have a conversation with him. Explain how you feel currently, what you are looking to pursue, and the reason why you ended things in the first place (the distance). If he says that he is not interested, I would suggest not being to aggressive about it. If he is hurt, he may just want to move on, so if he says no, you should respect his decision. Also if he does not want to pursue things, you should try to move on from him as well. Be prepared for both answers from him as he may or may not be interested in trying a relationship again

Is it wise to get in a relationship with someone who admits to being cocky?

A person simply saying that may not be that relevant. Try to get to know the person better, and judge for yourself whether you would like to pursue a relationship.

Should you keep trying to pursue a relationship with your love even though he shows little to no interest in you?

yeah you should . If its true love then go for it , but there is other fish in the sea.

What happens when you love someone who is gay?

If you are the opposite gender from the gay person, then move on. You cannot pursue a relationship or expect anything from the other person, beyond friendship.

Is a Pisces boy and a Pisces boy a good relationship?

If you use astrology to decide not to pursue a relationship, you could be giving up on your future happiness. compatibility of zodiac signs is the last thing you should look at.

What is a pursuer?

The verb pursue means to follow or chase. It can also mean to engage in an activity (to pursue a career, to pursue an interest). A pursuer in the usual sense is someone chasing someone, or something. In the second sense, a "pursuer" of a hobby or pastime is someone who engages in activity or study.

What kind of a girl would pursue a guy she knows already has a girlfriend?

maybb a stallkkerrr????AnswerSomeone is free to pursue anyone that they want to, especially someone who is not married.

Should someone who is 21 and planning to be married in about 2 years pursue their dream job and open up a clothing boutique now?

Motivation is a key factor in whether or not someone should pursue their dream job. If a person feels that they can juggle opening a boutique while planning a marriage, there is nothing wrong with pursuing their goals and objectives.

Why did Britain pursue a policy of appeasment in the 1930s?

Should we pursue our policy of dialogue with Pakistan?

Can someone sue an organization for the break up of a marriage if they are at fault?

It is possible, but would probably be hard to prove. You should contact an attorney in your area to find out if it is something you should pursue.

Should you pursue a taken guy?


Should I pursue this girl?


Why would a girl still want to pursue a relationship with someone who likes them too but has told them that they can't go out?

Its about mutual understanding, in some cases the girl is nor ready to jump into a relationship, so she asks the guy that she will not go out with him , and if the guy is understanding its no big deal.

Should science pursue the synthesis of a living cell Yes or No Explain?

should science pursue the synthesis of a living cell. Yes or No. Explain

Should you pursue a relationship with this guy who you have known for six years who used to like you or have you missed your chance?

Never say never. The only way you are going to find out is ask him out. Good luck!

Why should you pursue a graduate degree?

You pursue a graduate degree because you have a passion for what you want to do, and that degree will lead you to that end.

What does it mean if someone you dated tells you that it just did not feel right and that is why they prefer to remain friends?

It means that since it didn't feel right to pursue a closer relationship, they would prefer to remain friends and not bf/gf.