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I used to be a hard core cheater. What changed me was when I cheated on someone I loved more than anything. It ruind our relationship. I guess that was the only way I could learn from it. I have never cheated to this day. If you love your ex and they love anything to get the relationship back. Cheaters have no control of they're cheating, it's an addiction. Tell them that if they do it one more time--it's over for good even though it might not be. Nason..I love you sooo much. nobody could ever replace you.

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Q: Should you take your cheating ex back?
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When should you forgive your cheating ex?

you shouldn't because he came back for you to make you feel worse

What does it mean when you have a dream that you and your ex are getting back together?

it probably means you want your ex back rly bad and if you didnt do anything bad like cheating on he/she then you should. ;)

How do you get an ex back who is getting back with his cheating ex?

Remember this advice, once a cheater, always a cheater.

How should i get back at my ex for cheating on me?

Just dump your ex. Getting back at people is not a good plan.

Why do an ex-boyfriend accuse you of cheating?

because they just want you back

Can an ex take back a gift given by his parent?

can an ex take a gift back

How can you get your ex back after cheating?

Hmmm that's a tough one. if you cheated, i don't think your ex will take you back because he/she does not trust you. If you really want he/she back, you have to show that you can be trusted. You have to be romantic and kind to he/she and show that you want he/she back in your life. Hope this helps ~Good Luck

Why do lesbian women still want back there cheating ex girlfriend?

It's just like any other relationship with cheating. Although the person who was cheated on feels hurt, they also feel alone and abandoned. In this situation, the woman needs to feel wanted and needed, so she will take back her ex-girlfriend.

Should you take your ex back?

well it depends on why you broke up with him/her in the first place but if you really love him/her and he/she was nice to you take him/her back

What should you do when you think your boyfriend's cheating on with his ex?

you should hang around when they are together but if he is cheating that makes him a player and a jerk and no girl diserves to be chreated like that.

Should you give up on your relationship if you talked to an ex behind your boyfriend's back and he considered this cheating and you are having major issues because you don't feel that you cheated?

If you just happened to bump into your ex at a party or on the street and said hello then no, this is not cheating and your boyfriend lacks confidence. If you went out of your way to contact your ex then it's wrong! It is a form of cheating if you try contacting your ex. "EX" means it's over, so if you have hopes of flirting with disaster you could lose your boyfriend. Again, if you accidentally bumped into your ex then this is not cheating and tell your boyfriend to grow up!

Should you get back with an ex?


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