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If this is your first month on Birth Control and you have not missed any pills, then see your Doctor. If you have missed pills or took too many pills, then this is why your period hasn't arrived. A period not arriving during the first month of birth control is not uncommon and can be due to your body becomming used to the medication or pregnancy. If you had unprotected intercourse during the first month of taking birth control then I would recommend you perform a pregnancy test.

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If you don't get your period while taking the pill, nothing happens and this is nothing to worry about. Many women find that their periods are lighter or disappear altogether when they are taking the pill.

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Sometimes the birth control pill can make your period so light that you don't' see it at all. If you have taken the birth control pill as directed in the prior weeks, there's no cause for concern.

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Q: Should you talk to your doctor if you do not get a period at all during your first month of use of the pill?
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Is it normal to have a missed period during the first month while on Marvelon?

sometimes taking a new drug can affect your period but you should still go see a doctor cause it might mean you are pregnant

When should doctor visits start for pregnancy?

A doctor may be able to detect pregnancy at around five weeks, though a heart beat will not be detected yet. Just an embryo and the thickening of the uterine wall.Usually they set up an appointment at around 8 weeks.In the UK you may never see a doctor unless you have a problem. You will see a midwife from about 8 weeks as well.

When should you contact a doctor if you are bleeding during the first trimester?

Contact your doctor immediately, even if the bleeding is very light.

Im pregnant but i don't know when my last period was i know i didn't have one in october what should i tell my doctor i have my first appointment on Thursday?

tell your doctor you don't remember when your last period was.

What should you do if you only had a one day period?

If its your first period or your irregular its normal but if your not irregular it might just be spotting go to the doctor just in case.

Why don't you have a regular period?

If it is your first year having your period, your periods will be irregular. But if it not then you should see a doctor and talk about possible getting on birth control. It helps regulate your period.

Can a lady still be pregnant while in her menstrual period?

Yes and no. Normally, when a woman is pregnant, her period stops. But in some cases, women may continue to have bleeding or spotting during the first several months of the pregnancy. However, if this persists, she should ask her doctor about it.

What is it after giving birth of a dead child after the first period during ovulation you notice greenish discharges when wiping after urination?

Greenish discharge usually indicates an infection. You should see your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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