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No! If you really don't want trouble or this getting around it's best to keep it to yourself. Although we can have some wonderful and loyal friends, our friends can and do tell. It may be innocent, but they do it. It can be as simple as having someone else they know tell them of an indescretion and your friend may say, "Well, I've promised this friend of mine I wouldn't say a word, but I'll tell you about her problem because it's so similar to yours and it could help you." I've had this happen to me (it had nothing to do with romance, but business.) If you really don't want anyone to know about something you've done or have thought of doing, then keep it to yourself! The person you should be telling is your mate! Yes, you run the possibility of ruining that relationship, but on the other hand the honesty of you saying something, realizing it was a mistake and won't happen again can also run in your favor. Tell the person it matters too .... you mate! Good luck Marcy No. You should keep this only to yourself, because affairs are secrets and they should not be told.

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Q: Should you tell a close friend that you have had a one-night stand with someone at work if you are married?
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