Should you tell your creditors you are filing bankruptcy?

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Yes. It will get them to stop calling. Otherwise, the court will let them know when you file.

Speak with an attorney about your specific situation. If you can not find an attorney, contact your local Bar association and they will refer you to one.
Part of the bankruptcy process is for you and your lawyer to meet with your creditors and their lawyers. This meeting is typically 30 days after your first file and held by your trustee. During this meeting you will be sworn in under oath and all discussions during the meeting will be recorded. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the bankruptcy papers filed on your behalf. This meeting doesn't normally take too long and creditors are not necessary required to appear.
After this meeting, your assets are liquidated and your creditors are repaid.

Absolutely never tell anyone, especially a creditor that you plan to filie BK! All this does is make them move faster to secure their debt and position with judgments, or act to reposess whatever they can...BEFORE you file. Yes, when you file, they will stop calling and trying to collect...BECAUSE THAT IS THE LAW..they can't continue doing so.
After you file, creditors will even try to have this "automatic stay" stopped, or if you screw up and have the case dismissed even for a few days technical error, will then pounce on anything they can find.
Sure, a collector is going to stop calling because you said you would file it. That's all it takes to stop them from calling or trying to collect. tell them your gonna file BK...which means they likely won't get anything once you do. That wouldn't give them anyreason to act faster and be more determined now would it? Really sounds kinda' dumb just saying it doesn't it?
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After you file bankruptcy how long does the creditor have to repossess a car?

NOT sure on this, but it seems that until they give up the right to repo by getting a judgment for the amount owed, they could still repo. Once they get the judgment, they would not have the car for security for the loan. Ill check on it and post again in a couple of days. They may let it go due t ( Full Answer )

When filing bankruptcy do you list the original creditors or the collection agencies?

You will list on the petition the actual names of the creditors not the collection agencies. After you file your petition you will give your docket number to any of the creditors or the collection agencies who are trying to collect monies for the creditors listed on the petition when they call you o ( Full Answer )

Does your spouse have to tell you they have filed for bankruptcy?

%FOLLOWUPS% Items on your credit history remain only with you. They do not get copied to your wife's credit history after you get married. The only items that appear on both your credit histories is if you have a joint account with both your names on the account. I would get the advice of a lawye ( Full Answer )

How do you get your vehicle back from a creditor after filing bankruptcy papers with the court?

All property in BK that is not exempted by state and/or Federal law has to be surrendered to the trustee. A vehicle is secured property and will be returned to the lender, or sold depending upon the circumstances. A car which is covered by exemptions, but is in default for payment, is usually return ( Full Answer )

If you are filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy which creditors should you pay first?

There are debts that are not dischargeable in BK. Federal and State taxes. Child support and/or alimony. Student loans. Personal injury judgments, etc. A BK discharge does not mean debts are no longer owed. It prevents the creditor(s) from attempting to collect. After discharge, a consumer can choos ( Full Answer )

Should the creditor report the payments made by the cosigner after the borrower has filed bankruptcy to the credit bureau?

%DETAILS%. Answer . I'm really not sure the answer to your question. However, I'm in a similar situation and wonder if you could answer some questions I have. I will try to give a shot at answering your question though. Has the bankruptcy been discharged? Because if it hasn't the person is still ( Full Answer )

When should you file bankruptcy?

First of all, one should never consider bankruptcy just to avoid being hassled by creditors. Some factors to consider, are, the amount and type of debt owed compared to the person's ability to pay those debts. Not all debts can be discharged in a bankruptcy and secured creditors always have the "rel ( Full Answer )

How do you find creditors' addresses for filing bankruptcy?

Answer . Check your Credit Report. It has the names, addresses, and phone numbers of each of the creditors used over the past 7 years. Call or go on-line to contact all three Credit Reporting Agencies.. The Bankruptcy Code as amended in 2005 requires you to use the creditor's address that is on ( Full Answer )

If you are not listed as creditor on your tenant's bankruptcy and the debt occurred after the bankruptcy was filed can you proceed with an eviction until you are notified of the bankruptcy filing?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYes, if the debt/contract has not been included in the bankruptcy filing, a landlord may proceed with eviction process unless or until notified by the court to do otherwise. It would be advisable for the involved party to be certain that state laws pertaining to the ac ( Full Answer )

Can you file bankruptcy against one creditor only?

Answer . \nNo, all creditors must be included in bankruptcy whether or not the accounts are in default. Intentionally omitting a creditor from the BK schedule will result in a dismissal and possibly other penalties.

When should you tell creditors you have retained a lawyer for bankruptcy?

Answer . \nWhen the bankruptcy is filed the BK court will contact all the creditors listed. \n. \nIf the debtor is receiving collection calls he or she should inform the collector that legal counsel has been obtained. When a creditor has been informed that the debtor is represented by an attorn ( Full Answer )

Creditors calling after i filed bankruptcy?

Tell them you filed. Give them the case number. Give them the number of your attorney. If they continue to call, tell them every time they called that you filed and WRITE DOWN THE DATE AND TIME. Make sure you verify which creditor is calling. Every call after they are informed that you have ( Full Answer )

What should you do before filing bankruptcy?

Before filingBankruptcy, one must consider all the other ways to repay theirdebts. Bankruptcy filing is not an easy task, as it involves aseries of legal procedures. If a person is about to file forchapter 7 bankruptcy, then they must be prepared to liquidate theirnon-exempt properties. The bankrupt ( Full Answer )

Should you file for bankruptcy?

As anyone who has seriously examined Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection knows all too well, filing bankruptcy may be the absolute worst thing that borrowers can do to improve their financial position. For desperate folk suddenly realizing that there is little they can do on their own to achieve debt re ( Full Answer )

Can you be sued by a creditor that wasn't included in your bankruptcy filing?

Sure. If they were included they couldn't. Kind of make sense doesn't it? You file BK for protection from creditors and are required to list them all, so among other things, they get notice and are included as creditors with an ability to file and collect the debt as a claim against the assets ( Full Answer )

What if I don't list all creditors or debt on my bankruptcy filing?

It gets a little complicated...but only a little. (Below is from the point of view of the creditor). If you weren't listed...which you were supposed to be...and the debtor swore to the court that they provided truthful and accurate info on all known creditors (as well as income items)... then the ( Full Answer )

Can a creditor sell your account after filing bankruptcy? doesn't change the rights of the creditor...or your obligations as a dedtor...the buyer probably paid very little and is hoping your BK will pay the debt off at a higher amount.. Basically, a creditor may sell his rights at any is does not change your obligation under the loan ( Full Answer )

When should a creditor legally stop asking on credit applications if you have ever filed a chapterthirteen bankruptcy?

Your confused. Credit applications are made to prospective get credit...they aren't creditors yet. They can ask this, and other questions, as long as they want...they don't know you and are getting the info they require to decide if they want to extend credit to you...something tha ( Full Answer )

How do you file bankruptcy if you don't have a complete list of all your creditors?

Well, if you can't even figure out how to file all the forms to start (and not being able to keep track of who you owe and made legal promises too is to say it's going to get harder from here), and may even realize the need to make sure some special processes and filings are made to assure you get p ( Full Answer )

A friend owns two house one of them went foreclosure can the creditors go after his second house for the left over if so should he file bankruptcy?

Yes.. BK includes all your debts/obligations and all your assets, not just some.. They each ae given priorities and some may be exempt from use or discharge,. Theses creditors would be unsecured creditors agaisnt this, and all other assets. The lender on this property would have priority of payme ( Full Answer )

Should a Christian file bankruptcy?

Filing bankruptcy has no affiliation with religion. If filing bankruptcy is he best financial options available, then you should do it.

Is it illegal to not tell creditors that you have filed Bankruptcy?

You don't have a choice. You list all of your creditors and the court notifies them of the filing. If you deliberately omit a creditor from the list you can be charged with a federal crime and, more seriously, denied a discharge or have your discharge (as to ALL creditors) revoked.

What happens if a creditor garnishes after filing bankruptcy?

I assume you mean after YOU filed bankruptcy (the creditor's filing bankruptcy doesn't affect your garnishment, except maybe to change who's "garnisheeing"--NOT "garnishing"--your wages). If so, contact your attorney so he/she can bring the creditor into court for violating the automatic stay.

Do you have to pay back creditors after you file bankruptcy?

Good question. It is important to know what you have to continue doing and what you are discharged of in bankruptcy and also to familiarize yourself with the different types of bankruptcy and their differences Generally speaking, if you are filing for chapter 7 bankruptcy then the majority of your ( Full Answer )

How do you get a list of creditors after filing bankruptcy?

You had to give a list to the court. If you did not have an attorney and did not make a copy of Schedules D, E and F or the matrix, you can get a copy from the clerk's office or from the place in your state where they store old bankruptcy files.

Bankruptcy Petition - Filing and Save Yourself from creditors?

When an individual is no longer in a position to pay debts and a repayment plan has failed to work, they may be forced to file a bankruptcy petition which allows the court to protect the debtor from the creditors harassment. Before the debtor can file, they are required to get themselves an attorney ( Full Answer )

If I file bankruptcy can I add my mother's creditor with my bankruptcy?

Just because she is your mother, it does not mean that you are automatically liable for her debts. When you file for bankruptcy, you can include only those debts which you are liable either personally or as a co-signor or joint debts. If you are not a co-signor and you include your mother debt in yo ( Full Answer )

Should you tell your electric and phone company that you filed chapter 7 bankruptcy?

YOU go bankrupt. Not on a bill, or a this or a that. All your debts, and all your assets are included. Not including everything in the court papers you file may not only invlaidate your entire filing, (and obviously leave you with more debts than you would otherwise), but be criminal, contempt of ( Full Answer )

Does a creditor use the filing date of the bankruptcy or the date of discharge?

That depends on what you mean by "use" -- for what purpose? The filing of the bankruptcy stops all collection activity, so in terms of the automatic stay going into effect, that occurs the date the petition is filed. As you probably know, the automatic stay is what stops your creditors from foreclos ( Full Answer )

Can file bankruptcy stop creditor from collect debt?

Depends on the debt type. Federal loans, mortgage, auto loans, among other specific ones, can not be discharged and thus can continue to attempt to collect. A bankruptcy might delay it for a short time. In general, the answer is yes. Once a bankruptcy has been files, it will (should) stop the col ( Full Answer )

When should one file for bankruptcy?

One should file for bankruptcy when ones amount of debt is so overwhelming and the calls from creditors just won't stop. Basically when your at ones end financially. But one should consult the proper bankruptcy company to discuss all ones options.

What bankruptcy should you file?

The type of bankruptcy that you file all depends upon your personal case. If you have little in the way of assets and a lot of unsecured debt, then Chapter 7 is likely going to be the Chapter to file. If you are trying to save a home from foreclosure or reorganize other types of debt, then Chapter 1 ( Full Answer )