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Should you tell your friend you're gay?

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Yes. You should tell your friend that you are gay.

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You can not tell if someone is gay by wrestling with them. The only way to know for sure is if they would choose to tell you they are gay. It should not matter anyway, especially if they are your friend, you should accept them for who they are.

If you are gay, no if not Yes

Yes you should because if they are really your friend they would understand.

It all depends on the friend. If he/she is understanding, then you could go for it.

Why should you have to do anything? If your friend is gay, be a friend to your gay friend.

let him say something but tell him you are there for him and if theres anything he needs to talk to some one about youre all ears.

Are you only attracted to people of the same sex

Yes you should. He won't know what you think of him unless you tell him.

That doesn't guarantee they will tell you, but maybe you could open a trust window, but don't just say you are gay to find out if they are, don't lie about being gay! It is something serious and if the person finds out, you could lose their friendship.

You can not tell if someone is gay. The only way to know for sure is if they tell you.

If you are also gay, then tell your friend. If you are the opposite gender, then move on.

There is no obvious way to tell If a guy is Gay- They might be flirting with other boys and checking them out. If they did like you they might do the same to you but it is their choice to tell you especaily as this is your friend.

If your really feminine he probably knows... Otherwise take it slow and just start out like telling him your gay and then later tell him you like him

If you two are best friends you should tell him you like him but respect his decisions on his sexuality.

if it is a boy he is gay but worry tell your other friend

If he has a mole on his left testicle he's gay. No doubt.

You're my friend and I hope this doesn't change that, but I wanted you to know that I'm Gay. You may lose a friend, he may tell everyone which you may not be ready for. Are you at a point in your life when you can deal with this?

flirt with her then be bestfriends, then tell her!... to be her best friend act gay! ahha jk

If you like guys, youre gay.

If your BF is gay, then honey you should support them! Don't make fun! You can just carry on your life as normal. If you fancy your friend a bit then (if your friend is the same sex as you you might be gay too) tell them! If they feel awkward it'll be OK. Your friend is your friend -- just 'cus they're gay doesn't mean you should break friends! Sticking together through the rough spots is what friendship is all about. I hope this helped. Please don't delete other stuff people have put!

If he or she is your friend then you should treat them as such. Their sexual orientation should not enter into the matter.

HEY um ya u shoud tell ur friend like this.....if ur a girl u should just go up to him and be like i like you then make out. if ur a guy then u can tell him also in person cuz he is gay 2 and he wont be like omg

That really depends on what that secret is... If you want to say that your gay or lesbian wait untill your drunk:) if its a crush... He or she is your BEST friend if they really are they will not tell anyone. Hope i helped !

okay i dont know if your gay or using it to say its gay but if you are gay and he is to you should go for it the same if you are not and you are saying that you are in love you should not wait to tell him cus you never know what tomarrow will bring and you should let him know how you feel.