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I'm not familiar with the kind of high chair you've described, so I would have to tell you just to use some common sense. I don't like the idea of strings or ropes or what-have-you anywhere that a child could get a hold of it. On the other hand, you should NEVER leave a child in a high chair UNATTENDED for any reason. A more detailed description would be helpful, but ,obviously, you have doubts or you wouldn't be asking. Antiques and family heirlooms are wonderful keepsakes, but they certainly don't always meet today's safety standards. However, no matter the monetary or sentimental value of the chair, it just doesn't justify putting a child at risk. *My advice would be not to use it.* Better to be safe than sorry, no? Spend a few extra dollars and invest in a safe highchair -- although a used one is not necessarily a bad thing. Just make sure it is sturdy and safe -- no wobbly legs, repair or clean torn or stained fabric, (germs or choking hazard), check for loose or missing bolts or screws, and look out for rust, creased metal and cracked plastic among other things. Seat belts should ideally be attached so the child can't pull them loose. See, just common sense. But most importantly: NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your small child UNSUPERVISED. when you and your mother and grandmother were small, everything was handed down, and were all still here safe and well. Just be carefull and never leave the baby alone in the chair

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Q: Should you use a second hand high chair?
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A second hand Fisher Price high chair can be found in second hand stores that specialize in baby furniture. You may also be able to find one by searching the classified ads in your local paper.

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Someone looking to purchase a baby high chair should make sure it has safety features. Some safety features a baby high chair should have are a seat belt. All baby high chairs should have a seat belt to secure the baby in. Also, the baby chair should be safety clips to lock the chair in place, preventing it from folding up on the baby or tipping over.

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Features to Consider When Choosing a High Chair?

>Tips on Buying a High ChairA high chair is something that most new parents purchase. The following are some features for parents to consider when shopping for high chairs.The most important feature for a high chair is safety. Any high chair should meet proper safety standards. A child should be able to sit securely and comfortably in the chair. The tray should lock securely in front of the child while he or she is in the chair. Parents need to ensure that the chair they're purchasing is in top condition.Some high chairs have wheels and some do not. The choice depends on the preferences of the parents. A high chair with wheels should lock into place and the child should not be able to move the chair. Wheels on a high chair can be convenient for parents who like to adjust the position of the chair while everyone is at the table. Of course, wheels make it easier to move the chair to another room while the child is not sitting in it. Both kinds of chairs are attractive and practical.A high chair has a tray in front of the child where a parent can place food. Today, there are trays that feature different compartment for various types of food. A toddler may have some applesauce in one compartment of the tray and vegetables as well as pasta in another. Once again, parents have to make the choice of whether to get a high chair with an elaborate tray or a plain one. Toddlers push their food around on the tray so a plain one may suffice for most parents.The fun part of purchasing a high chair is choosing the designs on the seat of the chair. Animals, trains, clouds, and stars are just a few of the designs found on the seats of high chairs. Parents may want to choose a design and color that complements the dcor of their kitchen. Or, they may just choose a design that makes them smile.Finally, a safe, appealing high chair can be useful for each new addition to a family.

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