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No, it's not a good idea to use tampons during any sort of vaginal infection.

Tampons are a major cause of vaginal infections and can make vaginal infections worse because they give harmful flora the perfect place to multiply, prevent vaginal cleaning, and change vaginal pH. When vaginal flora is off balance it is more likely that the bacteria responsible for TSS are present too.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-17 00:46:23 says it's fine to use them but to keep in mind they may soak up the suppositories that are used to treat it (such as Monistat). These are used at bedtime, so a pad at night and tampon during the day would be the idea.

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Q: Should you use a tampon during a yeast infection?
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Can you have a yeast infection if you are a virgin?

Yes, vaginal yeast infection is not considered a sexually transmitted disease and can be caused by many things from scratching your vagina with a tampon, to wearing non-cotton underwear.

Can a yeast infection in a male cause him not to have an erection?

No a yeast infection do not do that. but talking about erections, if you have a yeast infection you should not have sex with another person since you can give it to them.

Can you be pregnant and be on your period and have a yeast infection?

You cant be pregnant if your having a normal period. But you can have a yeast infection during a period.

Is it possible to get a yeast infection before your period?

Yes it is possible to get a yeast infection at anytime during the menstrual cycle.

How do you know if it is a yeast infection or ovulation?

The mucus during a yeast infection will be yellowish and sticky. Ovulation mucus is clear and slippery.

Does whipped cream give you a yeast infection?

It should not as it does not contain yeast.

What is the white from a yeast infection?

The white is just your discharge. During a yeast infection an overgrowth of yeast (which is a fungus) changes your discharge to a thick white cottage-cheese type discharge.

What are symptoms of a bacterial infection or a yeast infection?

There is a difference between a bacterial infection and a yeast infection.A yeast infection is caused by Candida which is a yeast organism,not a bacteria.

How go you get a yeast infection in your mouth?

Oral sex will give you a yeast infection. Your partner had a yeast infection.

Can a man get a yeast infection from a woman that has it?

Yes, if he has intercourse with her, he can get a penile (penis) yeast infection. A man who knows his sexual partner has a yeast infection should wear a condom to protect himself from getting a yeast infection. Men often show absolutely no signs of having a yeast infection if they do have one. Some symptoms he could have would be a white discharge from the penis, and itching, irritation, and soreness of the head of the penis. But most men who have a yeast infection do not have ANY symptoms. However, the yeast infection can still cause damage to your internal organs, even without any outward symptoms. So it is important to treat it if you do get a yeast infection or if you have had intercourse with a woman who has a yeast infection.

Pap smear during yeast infection?

You can get a pap smear if you have a yeast infection. You may be less comfortable with the speculum exam if your vagina is very inflamed.

Is syphilis a yeast infection?

Syphilis is not a yeast infection.

Can you get BV after a yeast infection?

You can get BV after a yeast infection.

Can you get chancres from a yeast infection?

No you can not get chancres from a yeast infection.

What does it mean if a male burned once during peeing?

You may have a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. You may take over the counter cranberry capsules or tablets or even cranberry juice for the urinary tract infection. For the yeast infection you should see a doctor. Either way, see a doctor.

Should you use a tampon after a yeast infection?

As long as the yeast infection has cleared it is okay to wear a tampon. Bear in mind that tampons are a major cause of vaginal infections - they provide the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive, effect vaginal pH so effect vaginal flora, prevent vaginal cleaning, and many brands contain harmful chemicals. It is a better idea to consider safer more hygienic options such as menstrual cups or softcups.

What colour is your vulva if you have a yeast infection?

do you smell bad? then you might have a yeast infection. are you having nasty discharge? then you might have a yeast infection. are you having vaginal pain? then you might a yeast infection.

Can a yeast infection be a sign of chlamydia?

Can. Yeast. Infection. Be. A. Sign. Of. Chlamydia

How do you prevent odor of a yeast infection?

Treat the yeast infection.

Can you get a yeast infection from taking a bath after someone who has a yeast infection?


Should a doctor be able to give yeast infection treatment?

A doctor should be able to give yeast infection treatments for any of their patients. They are certified and can provide the best medication to help them.

Will yeast infection cause complications with surgery-- hernia and colon surgery?

No, a yeast infection should not cause complications with hernia or colon surgery. However, it will depend on the location and severity of the yeast infection.Ê

Can a women with yeast infection give the man yeast infection too?

Yes; you can transmit a yeast infection via sexual contact.

Does milky discharge comes after clumpy discharge during a yeast infection?

Yes. You should go and see your doctor to get some treatment for it

If you have been diagnosed with yeast infection and you now have cramping - but it is not time for your period - could the cramps be a symptom of yeast infection?

* There are several reasons for cramps but it has nothing to do with yeast infection. * Yes, it can be related to yeast infection.