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All decisions of this nature should be made by mutual agreement between husband and wife. If you cannot agree, then you should follow convention (using your husband's last name). Otherwise, you risk unnecessary strife within your household. Unless you are in business for yourself and have made a name for yourself, or you are a famous person, then it's best to keep your husband's name. If you are proud of your family name then register your names as .... EXAMPLE: Lisa Smith-Jones (your surname first, his name last)

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Can you continue to use your maiden name after getting married?

Yes, many women continue to use their maiden name and do not take their husbands name at all. It is the woman's choice as long as you do not use it with the intent to defraud.

What is definition of maiden name?

A woman's maiden name - is the surname she was born with. She would normally take her husbands surname once they married. For example, Miss Smith (her maiden name) - would become Mrs Jones (her married name).

Who are Megyn Kelly's ex-husbands?

She has only has one ex husband. His last name is Kendall. Kelly is her maiden name. Brunt is her married name.

What does mother's maiden name mean?

Their surname before they were married (and therefore took husbands surname, assuming they were married and chose to do so). Your mother's maiden name is her surname before she got married for the first time and took her husband's surname.

What do you mean by last maiden name?

The last name the woman had before she got married and took her husbands name (if she did).

What is a maidin name?

The spelling is maiden - and it is a woman's birth name (if a woman is married, her maiden name is her birth name) The spelling is maiden - and it is a woman's birth name (if a woman is married, her maiden name is her birth name) In short, it is the name a woman used before she becomes married. Usually a woman gives up her maiden name and takes her husbands. ie: Joan Everest becomes Mrs. John Betterman. Her maiden name is still Everest

Is Aiden Grimshaw getting married?

but the real answer is yes he is marrying Matt cardle because they are maiden

Is maternal name the married name or maiden name?

The maternal name is derived from the mother's name, which is not the married name, as that name may well be taken from the husbands surname, but it may be taken from the mother's maiden name. You may need to know the individual circumstances of the family to arrive at the questions correct conclusion

What do you mean for maiden name of married women?

A married womans maiden name is the last name she had before she was married, the last name of her parents.

Got married took husbands last name found out our marriage was not legal because of his divorce was not final how do i go about going back to my maiden name without a divorce decree?

If your marriage was not legal because your husband was still married (in which care your husband committed the crime of bigamy), then you can simply go back to using your maiden name (you can't get divorced as you were never legally married).

Does justin bieber have a maiden name?

No. Only married people (typically women) have a maiden name. A maiden name is someone's last name before she/he got married.

can a married name be changed back to maiden name where should it be started?

If your Divorce Documents state that you can return to your Maiden name then it shouldn't cost anything - Renewing your Driver's Licence with your new last name (Maiden) will.

I'm still married can I take back my maiden name?

Yes, you can take back your maiden name, but, you will have to fill out papers for Vital Statistics in your State and pay for that change. Often people who are known well by their careers (example: famous authors; actors, etc.) will keep their maiden name or they would take their maiden name and link it to their husbands name. Example: Jane Doe-Smith.

What was Henry Hudson's maiden name?

Since Henry Hudson was a man he did not change his name when he married and therefore has no "maiden name." Only married women could have maiden names.

On a bridal shower cake do you use the brides maiden initials or what they will be after she is married?

if they are not married yet their maiden intials for the bridal shower cake.

Should the first name of the wife be in parenthese after the husbands first name?

No. By convention you list the husbands name first and then the an and and then the wife's name. A parentheses is used for a maiden name. It is not normally used on the outside of an envelope. You assume she knows her maiden name. However, if there are a number of Mary Smiths, you can use it to distinguish which Mary Smith. John and Mary (Harding) Smith. There may be several John and Mary Smiths attending a convention, but only one will be Mary (Harding) Smith married to John Smith.

What is Joe Jonas Maiden Name?

joes maiden name is joe Jonas he is not married

Does gabi Wilson have a boyfriend?

no she has a husband. Her husbands name is Gregory Jones she kept her maiden name.

Who was the Greek goddess Artemis married to?

She was a maiden goddess (she never married).

Mothers maiden name?

Your mother's maiden name is her last name (surname) before she married.

I am married and have been using my husbands name for ten years. I want to go back to my maiden name. I am not getting a divorce, I just want my name back. How do I do this.?

You will need to file the appropriate paperwork at your local government office or courthouse. You then may have to appear before a judge. It will cost you at least $100 or more.

Is it legal to use your married after your divorce decree granted the right to resume your maiden name?

Yes. Even if you were granted the right to resume your maiden name you can continue to use your married name.Yes. Even if you were granted the right to resume your maiden name you can continue to use your married name.Yes. Even if you were granted the right to resume your maiden name you can continue to use your married name.Yes. Even if you were granted the right to resume your maiden name you can continue to use your married name.

What is Sandra Rinomato's maiden name?

Sandra's last name has not changed. She did not take her husbands last name. her "Maiden Name" and last name now are both Rinomato

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