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All decisions of this nature should be made by mutual agreement between husband and wife. If you cannot agree, then you should follow convention (using your husband's last name). Otherwise, you risk unnecessary strife within your household. Unless you are in business for yourself and have made a name for yourself, or you are a famous person, then it's best to keep your husband's name. If you are proud of your family name then register your names as .... EXAMPLE: Lisa Smith-Jones (your surname first, his name last)

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Q: Should you use your maiden name or husband's last name to fill out forms after getting married?
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Can you continue to use your maiden name after getting married?

Yes, many women continue to use their maiden name and do not take their husbands name at all. It is the woman's choice as long as you do not use it with the intent to defraud.

How would the name of a married woman who goes by her husbands last name yet her friends know her by her maiden name look in print?

i think it would be her name then her maiden name and then her husbands last name

What is definition of maiden name?

A woman's maiden name - is the surname she was born with. She would normally take her husbands surname once they married. For example, Miss Smith (her maiden name) - would become Mrs Jones (her married name).

What do you mean by last maiden name?

The last name the woman had before she got married and took her husbands name (if she did).

What does mother's maiden name mean?

Their surname before they were married (and therefore took husbands surname, assuming they were married and chose to do so). Your mother's maiden name is her surname before she got married for the first time and took her husband's surname.

What is a maidin name?

The spelling is maiden - and it is a woman's birth name (if a woman is married, her maiden name is her birth name) The spelling is maiden - and it is a woman's birth name (if a woman is married, her maiden name is her birth name) In short, it is the name a woman used before she becomes married. Usually a woman gives up her maiden name and takes her husbands. ie: Joan Everest becomes Mrs. John Betterman. Her maiden name is still Everest

Is Aiden Grimshaw getting married?

but the real answer is yes he is marrying Matt cardle because they are maiden

Do you need to change your name back to your maiden name after a divorce before getting married again?

Not in Virginia

How should you refer to a married woman who uses her maiden name is it be Ms Miss or Mrs when using her maiden?

Ms is the most appropriate choice.

Is maternal name the married name or maiden name?

The maternal name is derived from the mother's name, which is not the married name, as that name may well be taken from the husbands surname, but it may be taken from the mother's maiden name. You may need to know the individual circumstances of the family to arrive at the questions correct conclusion

What do you mean for maiden name of married women?

A married womans maiden name is the last name she had before she was married, the last name of her parents.

Does justin bieber have a maiden name?

No. Only married people (typically women) have a maiden name. A maiden name is someone's last name before she/he got married.

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