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Q: Should you wear adult diapers diapers all day?
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will medicare pay for my diapers i am 80 years old and nee to wear diapers all the time?

Sadly, Medicare will not pay for adult diapers unless you are being treated in a facility, such as a hospital.

Do lots of girls wear diapers?

No, 99.9% of all the females i know do not wear diapers.

How can you buy adult diapers without people thinking they are for you?

just mutter stuff like stupid hospital. or my stupid brother wanting to wear adult diapers all of the time when someone looks at you funny.

How do you get to wear a diaper?

You can buy diapers at the store and wear them if you can. They make them in all sizes, adult sizes included. If you have problems wetting or soiling yourself, that is why they exist.

I need good quality disposable diapers at a great cost.?

Stoegroup offers adult diapers wholesale at the best price. It is one of the top adult diaper manufacturers and suppliers all over India. adult diapers wholesale adult diapers Delhi buy adult diapers adult diapers for women adult diapers XXL adult diapers large adult diapers xl diapers for old age overnight diapers for adults diapers for an elderly woman

Do ALL women wear diapers?

Of course not

Can you make your teen sims in sims 3 wear diapers?

Yes, there is a mod that allows all ages to wear diapers.

Why do you have to wear diapers at night time?

because I wet the bed. If I didnt wear diapers to bed, I'd ruin my mattress. Diapers keep me dry all night long.

Should all kids be required to wear diapers?

If the kid wets itself daily and soils itself I don't think that child is ready for the responsibility of the potty and should go back to diapers

Should ALL women wear diapers?

Not necessary and a little overkill. Not all women menstruate and when they do it's not for long and at monthly intervals.

Can you change diapers on adults if they have Spina Bifida?

If they are unable to change their own, and if they wear diapers, you can. Not all adults with Spina Bifida wear diapers, and many who do are quite capable of changing them by themselves.

Do Sports players wear diapers?

Not all but maybe some do.

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