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Should your penis get hard?

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When you get older your body starts maturing. Your penis getting hard is completely normal, this usually happens when there is something sexual happening, but you can also get NRE (No reason erections) Its completely normal Its just how the body works
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Why do penis' get hard?

your penis gets hard when you think of Emma draper... aka the hotdog lady!! lol long story!

How do you get penis hard?

To get an erection you need to either be aroused or masturbate, it may take a minute or two but that is the fastest way to an erected penis

Why does your penis get hard?

Most likely your penis gets hard when you want sex or need to do something with it. The penis gets filled with blood when you get sexually aroused so you can perform intercour

When your penis is hard what do you do?

You grab the erect penis and begin to stoke it up and down or if a female is there with you then.... you have sex with her or ask her to give you a bj

Your penis is smaller than your middle finger hard what should you do?

You should stop worrying too much about different parts of your body, and just learn to live with what you got. There is no reasonable way to make it grow. Specifically, whil

How can you get your penis hard?

When the penis is hard, that is called an erection. You get an erection in response to sexual stimulation. So you should first figure out what is sexually stimulating to you.
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If a penis is 5 inches when soft how big should be hard?

There is no way to know. Some increase a lot and some don't. Very general average maybe half the soft length when hard, but that is very general. Some 3 inch grow to 8 and som
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What size should a 20 year olds penis be when hard?

The average size of an adults erected penis is 5.1 - 5.9 inches (12.9 cm - 15 cm), when measured correctly, however this is just an average average, a large portion of males f
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Your penis is 2 inches long when not hard and you are not circumcised should you get circumcised?

There is no reason why a person should get circumcised. The foreskin is a natural and helpful part of the penis as it is endowed with over 20.00 nerves especially designed to