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I was asked to write a paragraph in the simple past tense. I had no idea how to do this so I asked for help on the web and someone wrote this for me.

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Q: Show a paragraph containing only simple past tense?
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Show a paragraph containing only future tense?

tedi amir

What is the simple present tense of SHOW?

It is "show/shows".

How do you convert you to simple present tense?

You is a pronoun and pronouns don't show tense. Verbs show tense. You walk to school. - present simple, verb walk You walked to school - past simple, verb walked = past tense of walk.

Show a paragraph containing only simple continues present tense?

There is no simple continuous tense past or present.Present simple tense has only one verb. eg I talk to the dog.Present continuous tense has be verb + present participle eg I am talking to the dog.Here is a paragraph using present simple:My name is Joe. I come from Ekatahuna. I am married. We liveon a farm and have lots of cows and sheep. My wife works at the local high school but I spend all my day on the farm. I enjoy farm work. - verbs in bold.We don't usually write using one tense but here is a paragraph in present continuous:My family are all staying at the beach house. My brother Bob is taking his sons fishing. My wife and Bob's wife are sitting on the deck having a cup of tea. I am reading the news paper. The sun is shining.

What is past tense of verb show?

The simple past tense is 'showed'. The past participle is 'shown'.

Show a paragraph containing only present continuous tense? will not write paragraphs for you but we will help you write them yourself.To use the present continuous tense you should use the following structure:Subject + Auxiliary Verb "Be" + Present Participle of the verb.For example, the verb "speak" in the present continuous tense would look like this:I am speaking.You/We/They are speaking.He/She/It is speaking.

What is the past tense of shown?

Shown is the past participle of the verb show. The simple past tense is showed.

To show logical progression from a previous event to a current one you should start in what tense?

Past Tense (Simple & Continuous).

Show a paragraph containing only verb be?

1. mary brush her hair. 2. ilove u tasbee .tamlima

What is past participle for show?

The past participle of show is shown. Show is an irregular verb, which is a verb where the simple past and the past participle tenses are often different. The simple past tense of show is showed.

What is the past tense for their?

Their is not a verb so it does not show tense.

What is the present tense of show?

to show - shows - showed - shown (archaic: shewed - shewn) The present tense is: I/you/we/they show He/she/it shows