Signed George Reeves Superman picture Is it worth anything?

Authentically signed George Reeves material is very rare and very collectable. There are dealers in the USA offering basic signed album pages for as much as $3000, though I would suggest that they are being very, very greedy at this level! In the UK a beautiful 8" x 10" portrait (not as Superman) recently fetched £1100 (plus buyer's premium). As Superman you could expect to pay a multiple of this. My advice with any premium priced material such as George Reeves is to be VERY, VERY CAREFUL. High prices attract the forgers like jelly attracts wasps! Don't rush in. Do your own research using Google to find examples. Only buy from the most reputable of dealers. Remember that as much as 80% of the "autographed" material on Ebay is forged. Ebay have been repeatedly told about this by outraged reputable dealers but do almost nothing to police their site, saying it is simply a "venue".