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I am currently 6 weeks pregnant. At 4 1/2 weeks, I began to bleed and have mild cramping and lower Back pain. I finally found out through a vaginal ultrasound that I was actually carrying twins but one of them did not survive. This however required a trip to the ER, several visits to the doctor, ultrasounds and blood test and almost 1 1/2 weeks later. It was discovered that there was No heartbeat, no signs of growth, no life in the second gestsational sac. The first one however, has a nice heartbeat and I am looking forward to meeting this one child. I hope this helps give you some answers.

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Often there are no symptoms, but if there are it could be cramping and symptoms similar to a miscarriage.

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Q: Signs of twin pregnancy
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Faster weight gain and swollen feet earlier in the pregnancy are two signs you might be carrying twins.

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A gemellar pregnancy is a twin pregnancy.

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Signs of pregnancy a week after removel of implanon?

Signs of pregnancy are the same in all patients. A missing period and positive pregnancy tests are signs of pregnancy.

Breast pain nibble sensitive early signs of pregnancy?

Yes they are signs of pregnancy.

What are Nursing diagnosis for multiple pregnancy?

Anxiety related to twin pregnancy

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A singleton pregnancy has only one embryo; in contrast, a twin pregnancy has two.

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He's probably having a Sympathetic Pregnancy. He feels bad about his sister suffering during her pregnancy, so he's subconsciously displaying pregnancy symptoms in hopes of making her feel better. It's all in his head, he's NOT actually pregnant.

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