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Similarity between acrylic and water colour?


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February 15, 2010 8:01PM

Water colors and acrylics are both paints that are harder to mix.The consistency is alot alike.If you notice,oils really mix well because it is thicker. water color and acrylics also dry more quickly rather than oils.In reality oils takes up to one year to really be considered dry!Water colors dry within minutes and acrylics make take up to an hour depending how thick your paint layers is.Water color and acrylics are also cheaper than oils.

Acrylic can be used thick without mixing with water at all, like oil, or it can be thinned with water a great deal, like watercolor. It's very versatile and dries quickly.


I really don't see any similarity between watercolour and acrylic, for me watercolour is a very fine and beautiful material whereas acrylic is merely plastic in paint form. Maybe if you really water acrylic down you can get a worthwhile result but I've always found any acrylic painting that is OK would be a hundred times better if painted in oil or watercolour. the closest thing to acrylic that works nicely is gouache paint.