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September 13, 2011 2:17PM

Hi. I'm going to tell you a bunch of cheats for The Sims 2 for the PC. But, for you to know how to work these cheats, I need to tell you how you can activate them. On your keyboard, hold down the buttons CTRL SHIFT C (the letter c; all @ the same time) and hit ENTER. When you do this, at the top of the screen you should see a long, white box. This is where you will type in all of the codes so you can access the cheats. Cheat #1, which I think is the most easiest is typing in motherlode . (You need to bring up the white box to do this.) Motherlode is a cheat that gives your sim 50,000 simoleons each time you use it. If you want to keep getting more simoleons though, you need to pull up the white box each time. For example, you couldn't type motherlode motherlode in the same box. You need to pull it up for each time that you want 50,000 simoleons. Now, for this next great cheat, you need to pull up the white box again and type the following the exact same way as i do for it to work: boolprop testingcheatsenabled true . This cheat does many things. For it to work though, you need to hold down the SHIFT button and click on your sim. Once you do this, your sim game may seem like it's frozen, but it's not. Usually the first time you use this cheat for each sim it does this. Once it is un-frozen, a bunch of options will pop up like when you click on objects to use them. I will now go through each option that pops up and tell you what each one does. Once you have the option thing up, one of them will say "Change Fit...fat or thin" which effects your sims appearance. Then, there is one that says "Change Suit...maternity, pajamas or swimsuit, workout or underwear, naked, formal, and casual 1. These are some evryday outfits that your sim wears. Another option that you will see is "Set to Birthday." This option sets it to your sims birthday, which will then advance them on to the next stage in life. The next option that says "*Social Debug" does something, but I'm not sure what that is. Sorry! You will also see an option that says "Debug Interaction...cheer up, give influence points, give rewards points, and max LTA (life time aspiration) score. These options are about the meters where your sims face is at. Another one of the options is "Display...Debug-Calculate Attraction, Debug-Show sims gender preference, and Show paths." There is also an option called "Kill...give dead token or die by flies" which kills your sim. One of my favorite options that you can choose from is called "*make unselectable." This is one of my favorites because if you have a baby and you SHIFT click on them twice, you will be able to se the babies needs. There is also an option that says "Set aspiration...immaturity 1, immaturity 2, immaturity 3, desperation 1, desperation 2, desperation 3, neutral, bronze, silver, gold, more...max, family, grow up, knowledge, reputation, and wealth." This option lets you set the aspiration for your sim no matter how high or low their needs meter is. There is another option called "Debug-Toggle FBA on", but i don't know what it does. Now, here's an option that lets you do so much, "SPAWN...". Since there is so much to choose from for this one, i will go through each one separetly. The first one is the "Drop wants test object", which i don't know what it does. One of the other ones is the "Chance Card Tester" which has many options. One of them is "Chance card business, paranormal, natural scientist, artist, slacker, science, politics, military, medicine, law enforcement, culinary, criminal, business, and athletic." I think this one increases your sims interest in these subjects but I'm not sure. Some other options for the "Chance Card Tester" are: "force chance card...on", "force, clear, success", "force hobby card...on (work 1), on (work 2), on (work 3), on (school 1), on (school 2), and on (school 3)", "force hobby, clear, success", and "test hobby dialougs." Ugh! it wont let me write anymore. Sorry! Hope this helps!

This didnt help i did it every way i could!!!