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Many of the newer transmissions do not come equipped with a dip-stick. If you want to add fluid, look for the fill hole on the side. But be careful, there are quite a few transmissions that have some nuts on the outside that shouldn't be touched. Find a book that describes the transmission fill procedure for your specific transmission. If you're suspecting fluid to be the source of the problem, why not have a shop change the fluid & filter for you. If it hasn't been done, it's probably due. Unfortunately, many people never service their transmissions and that ends up being responsible for much of the transmission failures. Many transmission shops will run a special on transmission service in hopes to get you in the door, then they'll tell you all of the things that are wrong with the transmission in hopes that you'll have them perform the repairs. If possible, just have them change the fluid and filter then see what the transmission acts like. You can always go back later to have them perform the repairs. Note that if you ARE running with low Transmission Fluid and the clutches are slipping, there is a very good chance that you've damaged the transmission and it will need repair.

2006-09-07 14:57:54
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Q: Since you cant check 2002 cavalier trans fluid and have had it for 6 months and your car is having problems can you put fluid in it anyway to see if it helps?
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