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Single pregnant and just left my boyfriend he lives with his parents smokes pot in the house parents give him money for pot is verbaly abusive do i have to give him visiting rights what are his rights?


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The courts might give him visiting rights, but they can be restricted - supervised visitation, visitation in public places only, etc.

The alternative is far worse

see link below

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Well, Yes you can if you need help with the baby and want the father to be by your side but only if the parents of your boyfriend and your parents say its ok.

Your parents have the right to make your decisions for you until you are 16

So all parents are abusive to their kids apart from teen parents? No that is not true. Some parents have serious issues and that include teen parents as well but there's help to get. The majority of parents are not abusive.

Talk to them about it. Ask them why they don't like your boyfriend. Have your boyfriend and parents to talk with together. Don't get pregnant or have sex or anything stupid.

No you are a minor and not an adult even though you will be a mother. Your parents are responsible for you and now your baby.

A 17 year old is still the responsibility of the parents. Being pregnant does not factor into the situation.

break up with him! And call the police, you don't want the next woman in your shoes. Plus, tell your parents, they always know what to do.

If you get pregnant he can be charged with rape trust me that happened to my best friend

Only if she has permission from her parents. Being pregnant does make them an adult.

no you may not. you must cal the cops or cps and let them know what is going o after that they will help you find a new plae to live but it wonnt be with your boyfriend.

Hitler's father was abusive, but not his mother.

No, your boyfriend will not go to jail but if you and your boyfriend is 4 years apart or more than it is illegal. But ask for parents permission first but if u don't and your parents didn't want u to get pregnant they will probably sue him then he will go to jail too.

Only with parents permission or if she is emancipated.

If her parents give her permission to. Otherwise, she lives where the parents say she lives.

If you're in the US... No judge in any state is going to custody of a minor to the parent of her boyfriend, and especially a boyfriend who got her pregnant.

Now that the police will not take any action, you must contact the anti child abusive organization, they will guide you and also see that the police take action against your abusive parents.

why do you think my parents would be concerned with this matter??????

Yes, if she has the permission of her parents or a court order. Otherwise she will have to stay until she is 18.

Well, you should accompany your daughter and the boyfriend to his parents and let them tell them, and inform his parents that you do not plan on being the only grandparent involved.....

If your parents give you permission. If they don't, no, you may not leave home.

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