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First of all, is this some kind of new language? It's bad enough to have to learn all the construction lingo, could we have the answers in plain English? If your question is: how many parts of cement and gravel you mix to 4 parts of sand, the answer is easy . . . 2 parts cement, 6 parts aggregate, 4 parts sand.

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Q: So does 1 94lb bag of portland mean that you need 188 lbs of sand and 282 lbs of gravel?
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Do goldfish need gravel inside an aquarium?

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How much gravel is need for 1 square km?

1 square km of gravel

How much sand gravel and cement will you need?

1 cement 2 sand 3 gravel

Do you need a car to live in Portland Oregon?

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How much gravel for 25feet by 4feet by1inch?

You will need 0.309 cubic yards (about 600 pounds) of gravel.

How many tons of gravel in a yard.?


How many square feet does a ton of gravel cover?

I need to know how thick the layer of gravel is meant to be.

What is the number of bags of cement required in 1 cubic meter if 1 bag cement is to 4 bag gravel is to 6 bags sand mixture of concrete?

To properly answer this question, one would need to know the volume of a "bag", since "bag" isn't any standard of volume or weight. Typical Portland Cement has a density to 1505kg / cubic meter. In addition, one would also need to know the coarseness of the gravel, as the ability of the sand and cement to fill in the aggregate depends heavily on the average size of the gravel pieces.

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You cannot make a direct conversion. You need to specify how deep you want the gravel to be in your area that needs covering.

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You will need about 3.7 cubic yards (around 4.75 tons) of gravel.