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Solution to soukoban level 14?

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L, 2U, L, 2U, 3R, 2D, R, D, L, 3U, 2L, D, R, U, R, 2D, R, 2D, L, U, D, 3R, U, L, D, L, U, L, D, 2L, U, 2R, 2L, U, L, 2U, 3R, 2D, 2U, 3L, D, 2R, U, R, D 68 moves, 17 pushes

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What is the solution of Level 93 on Soukoban?

There is a error and there is no solution of it...:)

Solution to level 93 on soukoban?


Solution to level 22 on soukoban?

L1U2R1U2L1U1R1D3L1U1R1U2L2D1R1D4R3U2L1U1L2U2R1D1L1D4R3U2L2R2D2L3U4R1 U1L1D3R1U2D2L1D2L2U2R1L1D2R2U3R1U1L1

What is the solution to Soukoban level 93?

I have just found out a workaround for level 93:Fix for Soukoban level 93 problem.To move on to puzzle 94 close out Soukoban and run regedit.Go to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" then "Software" then "Soukoban".In "Config" double click on "cfg"and change Value data: to 5d .Then double click on "cfg2"and change Value data: to 5e .Close out regedit and open Soukoban and you will be on puzzle 94.IF YOU DO NOT KONW MUCH ABOUT THE REGISTRY AND YOU TRY THISAND CHANGE THE WRONG THING YOU CAN KILL YOUR COMPUTER.BE CAREFULL !!!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK.

Can an acid increase the pH level of a solution?

No, the lower the PH level in the solution, under 7 (which is the neutral number) until 0, the higher the acid level. The higher the PH level in the solution is, over seven and until 14, the higher the base level.

What is the solution to soukoban level 57?

1D 1R 4D 1L 1D 1R 3U 1L 1D 1R 3U 1L 1D And then start pushing the blocks through the top passage.... should be easy from there!

What is the solution to level 20 on soukoban?

Solution: d3, L1, U1, R1, U2, L3, D1, L1, R1, U1, R3, D2, L2, U1, L2, D1, R1, L1, D1, L2, U2, R2, L2, U2, R1, D1, L1, D2, R1

Is the measure of how acidic or basic solution is?

The measurement for how acidic or base a solution is called pH level. The pH level is on a scale from 1-14. One being very acidic, 7 being neutral, and 14 being very base.

What is the solution to soukoban level 31?

l , d , d , u , u , r , r , r , d , l , d , l , d , l , r , u , r , u , u , l , d , d , u , l , d

What is the solution for level 47 on Soukoban?

Save one block at the start of the game two places up the most left 3 yellow dots. Continue placing blocks on yellow dots at the end you can place your "parked block" on top of the left yellow dots.

What is the Ph level for a strong basic solution?

How many strong?. Always, upon 7, a solution is pH basic, 14, is realy strong basic.

What is the solution for level 13 on Soukoban?

L2 U2 L1 U2 R1 L1 D2 R1 U1 L1 U3 R3 D1 R2 D2 L4 R4 U2 L3 U1 L2 D3 R1 D1 R2 >>> Do the same. xauyala

What is the pH level of Cesium hydroxide?

Its depends on the molar concentration (how much is dissolved per liter of water). A 1M solution has a pH of 14, a 0.1M solution has a pH of 14 and so on until a pH of about 7.

What is the pH level of Potassium Hydroxide?

since it is a strong alkali its pH value will be 12-14 Depending on the concentration: 1% solution- ph12 10% solution- ph13 50% solution- ph14

What is the solution to Soukoban level 33?

The solution to Soukoban Level 33 is D2, L2, U1, L1, U2, R1, L1, D2, R1, U1, D2, R2, U2, L1, D1, R1, U3, R2, D1, R1, D2, L2, R2, U2, L1, U1, L2, D3, L3, U1, R2, D1, R1, U2, D2, R3, U2, L1, D1, L1, U1, R2, D3, L1, U2, L1, U1, L1, D1, L1, D1, R1, L3, U3, R1, AND D2. D means down, L is left, U is up, and R is right.

What is the solution to Soukoban level 13?

Push the block most left under one place up then push the second highest block to the right then push the first block one place up again, then walk around and push the middle one one a spot, the rest is easy.

Solution for level 87 soko flash?

the solution of level 87 night

What are the cheat codes for Bloxorz level 14?

To play stage 14, the passcode is 210362. To play stage 15, the passcode is 098598. There is a solution at the related questions below.

What is the solution to level 25 on Soukoban?

LEVEL 25 D1 R3 U2 D3 U3 R3 D4 L3 U2 L3 U2 R3 L2 D1 L1 D1 R1 U2 R2 D4 R3 U2 L1 D1 R1 D1 L1 R1 U4 L3 R3 D2 L1 U1 R1 U1 L1

Solution to level 43 on Soukoban?

L1, D4, R1, D2, L1, U5, D4, L2, D1, R1, D1, R1, U2, R1, U2, L1, U2, R1, U2, L1, D3, U4, L2, D1, R1, U1, R1, D3 and put the last one in place.

What is the solution for soukoban level 63?

Personaly I found Level 63 difficult to start with. I could not figure out how not to get stuck on the first moves. Finally I arrived to this solution: 1 right 1 down 1 left 2 down 1 right 1 up From there I coult start moving through the path: 2 right 4 down 3 right 5 up 1 right etc. and start packing. You might arrive on some problems at the end. Be careful. Good luck. Julio.

What is the solution to soukoban level 11?

1d i posted a video on how to do this on youtube...go to com and search for soukoban 2l 3d 2r 2u 2d 2l 2u 2l 1u 2r 1u 2r 2d 2l 2d 2r 1u 1d 2l 3u 2l 1d 1r 1d 2l 3d 2r 2u 2d 2l 2u 2l 1u 2r 1u 2r 2d 2l 2d 2r 1u 1d 2l 3u 2l 1d

What are Stackopolis codes preferably level 14?

Level 14 is autoshop

What is the solution for Level 94 on Soukoban?

U2, D2, R1, D1, R1, D1, R2, U1, R2, D1, R1, U1, L3, D1, L2U1, R4, L3, U2, R1, U1, L1, R3, U3, L2, U1, L1, D1, L3, D4Now rest is easy.:)xauyala

How solution game egg egg level 57?

i want solution this game egg egg level 57

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