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Some people say they are being Abused if someone raises a voice to them Is this not Fanatical doesn't most everyone raise a voice occasionally during disagreements?


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September 06, 2007 2:50PM

There is mental, emotional and physical abuse. Yelling is emotional and add to it nasty words then you have mental too. What can insue is then, physical when someone is fanatical enough to not be rational and communicative. I guess every ones definition of these abuses can be different, especially if your the abuser or if you havent experienced any of them first hand. They are all very damaging, whether they leave visible scars or not. Raising a voice is common but does it make it right..I do know that these days people do throw the abuse card out there too quickly if they feel they dont have any better of a way to get across to the person that they are having strife with, it is sometimes manipulative, too.