Some unanswered questions about space please?

Here are some examples of unanswered questions about space:

-- Where does space begin ?

-- Where does space end ?

-- Where is the middle-point of space ?

-- What is the volume of space ?

-- How much does space weigh ?

-- What is the color of space ?

-- What is the shape of space ?

-- What size is space ?

-- How much does space weigh ?

-- Can you compress space into a smaller space ?

-- What are the dimensions of space ?

-- Does space have a smell ?

-- On your way to the moon, can you fill up a jar of space and bring it home ?

-- Is space moving ?

-- Are all parts of space moving in the same direction, or at the same speed ?

-- What does space look like if there's nothing in it ?

-- Can you measure space ?

-- Can you carry some space from one place to another ?

-- When a solid object comes along and displaces some space,

where does the displaced space go ?

-- We know that waves of things like electromagnetic and maybe gravity

can move THROUGH space. Does space by itself have waves in it ?