South Africa culture

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South African culture revolves around a number of features. These include art, architecture, cinema, music, cuisine, as well as education.

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Q: South Africa culture
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How has South Africa influenced Australian culture?

how has south Africa influanced Australian culture

What is South Africa's culture?

There is a diverse culture and no main culture as there are 11 indigenous languages and cultures in South Africa.

What culture does Tunisia have?

south mediterranean and north Africa culture

What culture does bobotie come from?

South Africa

What culture was miriam makeba?

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa

Is south Africa a high context or low context culture?


What is the culture of south afrca?

the culture of south africa has many religous groups and dances. Many colors, arts, and dances and it very family oriented. Many folktales and myths originate in south africa with all the families and religions.

Why will South Africans return to South Africa?

Various reasons. E.g. global economic recession (has less affect on South Africa), South African culture, South African English, missing families, the apparent spirituality in South Africa, and harmonious mixture of nations.

Are many South Africans black but don't all speak the same language or share the same culture?

Correct. The black people in South Africa do not all speak the same language or share the same culture. Just as the white people in South Africa do not all speak the same language or share the same culture. It has nothing to do with black or white.For the languages of South Africa, click here.

What is the culture like in South Africa?

South Africa is a complicated country. Its culture is affected both by a number of different black African ethnicities and the influence of two seperate (and at one time hostile) sets of European colonists.

Where in Africa?

south Africa south Africa south Africa south Africa

What is the Culture like at South Africa?

very broad and mixed. but everyone is generally nice. there's a spirit about South Africans

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