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its curly and red, theres a few episodes with it shown in it. Like the one where they get checked for lice I believe.

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What colour is kyles hair in south park?

Kyle has a big ginger afro

What is kyles nickname on south park?


What is kyles last name in south park?


What is Kyles little brother called in South Park?


What is kyles superhero name in south park?

The Human Kite

What episode of south park does cartman sing kyles mom?

South Park Bigger Longer And Uncut (The South Park Movie) And Mr. Hankey The Christmas Poo, Season 1, Episode 9 Hope This Helped!

What is the name of the episode of southpark where cartman gets caught cussing out kyles mom?

Its not a episode, its a movie. Its called: SOUTH PARK, BIGGER LONGER AND UNCUT

What color hair does Stan have from south park?

Stan has black hair.

How does the kid on kyles hockey team die south park?

Nelson on kyle broflovskis pee wee hockey team dies from leukemia cancer

What color is Kenny hair on south park?


What colured hair does Kenny have in south park?


What color hair does kyle have from south park?

Hes a ginger

What are the release dates for South Park - 1997 Cherokee Hair Tampons 4-6?

South Park - 1997 Cherokee Hair Tampons 4-6 was released on: USA: 28 June 2000

What is that kid from south park bigger longer and uncut with the blond curly hair?


Who is the south park character that dyes his hair?

Cartman gets his hair dyed by his friends to show him how its wrong to rip on ginger kids.

Is south park Mexican from south park?


Where is the South Park Township Library in South Park located?

The address of the South Park Township Library is: 2575 Brownsville Rd, South Park, 15129 8527

Where is the South Ozone Park in South Ozone Park located?

The address of the South Ozone Park is: 128-16 Rockaway Boulevard, South Ozone Park, 11420 2996

What is the show that is like south park but with curses?

South Park?

Why did south park quit?

South Park haven't quit!

Where is the rest of the south park Mexicans?

obvsly in south park

Who are Trey and Matt from south park?

They made South Park

What website can you go to to make a south park wrestler?

south park creatorcustum south parkany else

Where is the South Park Historical Society in South Park Pennsylvania located?

The address of the South Park Historical Society is: Po Box 555, South Park, PA 15129-0555

Who are all the charcters in south park?

There are a lot of characters in South Park but the main characters are the four boys- Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny Mcormick, and Eric Cartman. Ther is also Randy Marsh, Sharon Marsh, Chef, Gerald Brofovski, Im pretty sure kyles mom is Cheryl Broflovski, ike, the mayor, mr. garrison, butters, jimmy, timmy, token, wendy, bebe, and more.