Spark plug gap fiesta mk6 1.4?

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2009-04-27 13:09:12

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Mk6 1.4 Duratec SE 16v 02> gap should be 1.3mm.

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2009-04-27 13:09:12
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Q: Spark plug gap fiesta mk6 1.4?
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What is the hp for a 1.25 fiesta zetec?

the mk6 fiesta 1.25 has 75bhp.

How do you change the oil filter on a Fiesta Mk6?

Depends on the engine. A variety of different petrol engines and a diesel option were fitted to the Fiesta Mk6. All have different filters.

Can you fit mk7 rear lights to a mk6 fiesta if so how?

Nope, pins are different.

Where are the speakers in a Ford Fiesta mk6?

in the door panel and in the the rear side panels. hope this helps

What size are the speakers in a Ford Fiesta mk6?

5" X 7", & aparently 20 watts each

How do you change the dashboard lights on a mk6 fiesta?

Take it to a specialist, I've looked on here and nobody knows!

Will a fiesta MK6 alloys fit a MK5 fiesta?

Yes they will all fiestas from mk4 to 7 as far as i know all have the same 5.5mm space of alloys

Will a mk5 fiesta engine fit a mk4 fiesta cheers?

Yes,the mk4 and 5 chassis' are identical and generally any fiesta front wheel drivetrain can be transplanted into any other fiesta engine bay up to mk6.

How do i remove the air filter on a fiesta mk6?

To remove the air filter on the Fiesta MK6, first remove the bolts on the top of the air filter box. Then, pull upward to remove the rubber gasket around the box. Remove the screws at the rear of the box. Remove the filter and replace it.?æ

What size are a mk6 fiesta wiper blades?

The MK6 Ford Fiestas take some fairly specialized wiper blades. Its best to look up the wipers by exact year rather than generation of vehicle. See sources and related links below to lookup the exact year of the Ford Fiesta.

What size are the rear speakers in a fiesta mk6?

The Ford Fiesta rear speakers measure five inches by seven inches. The front speakers measure three inches by five inches.

Gearbox filler point on a mk6 Ford Fiesta?

Hi Remove plastic covering where the gear change cable go. You'll see the oil level / filler plug on the gearbox casing. 8mm hex head to loosen. Have fun

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