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Yes they will all fiestas from mk4 to 7 as far as i know all have the same 5.5mm space of alloys

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โˆ™ 2011-09-04 02:24:16
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Q: Will a fiesta MK6 alloys fit a MK5 fiesta?
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Will a mk5 fiesta engine fit a mk4 fiesta cheers?

Yes,the mk4 and 5 chassis' are identical and generally any fiesta front wheel drivetrain can be transplanted into any other fiesta engine bay up to mk6.

Can a Ford Escort mk6 dials fit in a mk5 dash?


Will fiesta mk5 zetec s disc brakes fit a 1.3 fiesta mk5?

Yes straight swap over same brake hoses used aswell :)

Can you fit mk7 rear lights to a mk6 fiesta if so how?

Nope, pins are different.

Would a 2.0 duratec engine fit a 1.25 finesse mk6 fiesta?

Yes,its a fairly straight fit as most of the parts can be used off a fiesta st which is a 2.0 duratec as well.

Would a fiesta zetec s bumper fit your fiesta ghia 1999?

If you have the mk5 then the mk5 zetec-s bumper will fit straight on. If you have the mk4 the zetec s bumper will need cutting and trimming to make it fit but they do fit with work. Best way to check if you have a mk4 or 5 is by the lights. If you have the same shape lights as the ZS then you have a mk5 if not then you have a mk4. P.S. that was for the front bumper. Im not 100% sure on the rear. The ZS rear will fit straight on the mk5 and I have been told they fit on the mk4 with no work at all but I cant be 100% sure as iv never done it.

Will a double din stereo fit in a fiesta mk5?

no,, the stereo size in a mk5 fiesta is single din and a half, im having the same trouble at the moment but i have just got a heater control panel from a scrap yard for a fiver, you gotta cut the panel a little bit for a double to fit.

Ford Fiesta replace radiator?

I need to know if you can fit a radiator to a mk5 fiesta any way up. The radiator can go both ways. Can you help please?

Will mk 4 fiesta alloys fit on a mk 5 fiesta?

Yes no problems at all as the mk4 and 5 are basicly the same car.

How much do ford fiesta sills cost to replace? sells them for about £20: a good repair garage will fit them and clean up for £80

How would you fit a sub to a standard MK6 fiesta stereo?

Hello, you need to get a Hi to Lo converter, and attach it to your rear speaker cables, that will then give you an AUX feed for the sub.

What alloys can you fit on a 306?

Will 4x100 alloys fit onto Peugeot 306

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