Will mk 4 fiesta alloys fit on a mk 5 fiesta?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Yes no problems at all as the mk4 and 5 are basicly the same car.

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Q: Will mk 4 fiesta alloys fit on a mk 5 fiesta?
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If you have a Ford Fiesta which is registered in November 1999 how do you tell if it is a Mark 4 or a Mark 5 as there is nothing in the paperwork?

you can tell by the front headlights if they are a long flat lights its a mk 4 and if not the its a mk5

Will escort car alloys fit a escort van?

escort 4 stud alloys will fit, however if they are wide (eg 215's) they will rub in the rear arches, a width of up to 205 will be ok though

What car fits 3 car seats?

McLaren F1 but you probably can't afford one of them so for best results i would saw 2 seats out of a Mk 4 Fiesta.

Will ford alloys fit on a Fiat punto?

no way,Fiat although 4 stud has different dimensions im afraid.

Will 4 stud 15 alloys from a 1997 fiat brava fit on a 4 stud 1997 ford escort?

If the stud spacing, and offset is the same, then it will fit. Measure them both. Too stick the wheels on, not to sniff!

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Look at the sticker on your fuel cap, on the bottom left it will have all compatible tire and rim sizes.

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