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A speed pulse wire might refer to the speedometer pulse wire that accepts pulse signals in order to display speed. This wire is generally a two wire sender unit that comes pre-calibrated to the vehicle.Ê

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Where is the Speed pulse wire on a octavia 2009?

The speed pulse wire on a 2009 octavia is pin number 9 on the multi plug connecter on the back of the speedo cluster , remove plug and all the pins are numbered .

Where can you find a speed pulse or signal used to fit a taxi meter in a 2007 Skoda Octavia?

the middle wire on the speedo block on the engine by the gear lever in the engine

Where is the speed pulse wire in a Toyota Corolla?

where is the speed pulse wire in a Toyota corolla

Wire diagram for 1992 Harley Davidson Sportster?

wring on a 1992 sporters speedo

Where is the speed sensor wire located on a 1989 Cadillac Brougham?

where the speedo cable connects to the transmission

95 Ford F-150 losing injector pulse?

Injector pulse is controlled by the ECU. Injectors Have a red wire that is hot. Black wire is controled by computer ground...

Does anyone know where the seedometer cable is on a 1991 buick lesbre?

91 probably has an electronic speedo 2 wire sensor in trans near pass side axle 91 probably has an electronic speedo 2 wire sensor in trans near pass side axle

When Tim pushes the wire between the poles of the magnet the galvanometer registers a pulse When he lifts the wire another pulse is registered How do the pulses differ?

The pulses differ because the two pulses are in opposite directions.

How do you wake up a gem module?

Pulse the door trigger right before unlock, or set up for double pulse unlock, and diode isolate the door unlock wire from the door trigger wire.

Where is the speed pulse wire on a 2005 ford focus?

It is found at the back of the radio and it is a thin green/white wire. Malby

Temperature gauge not working on a daewoo matiz?

speedo has a wire from behind and it snaps loose sometimes. disassemble the dash and reattach it

Where is the vss wire in Honda Odyssey 2007?

on the automatic transition and PMC (vehicle computer) blue with white wire (wire A30 VSP - vehicle speed pulse)

Speed pulse on Skoda superb?

remove the stereo with two radio pullers in the side slits on stereo there is a blue and white wire that gives you a pulse

What is the reason for my speedometer needle on my 1996 Honda civic goes on and off stops then works?

re-wire your speedo clip. it worked for me.

How do you disable a factory alarm for a Nissan Xterra 2000?

You need to send a single pulse on the unlock wire. I forget what color it is. Xs need a double pulse to unlock.

Where is the speedo sensor located on a Mitsubishi carisma 1.6?

On the top of the tranny. There will be a black wire sticked in there. It`s on there loose, so you can just pull it out, or stick it in

The speedo on your R Reg Renault scenic Megan 1.6e has started to work intermitantly is this a big job to get repaired?

I had the same problem - then it stopped working altogether. Turned out to be a severed wire. The wire was grey and could be found going into the middle connector underneath the under bonnet fusebox (nearside) - behind headlight. It looks like the cover to the fusebox wore through the wire - when I soldered back together the speedo worked fine - I had to take the battery tray off to do this.

I just bought a 1999 1200c engine i am building a chopper and will be using your basic wiring i no one wire from engine goes to speedo but what about the others does anyone have a wire diagram?

If it is a Harley, wiring diagrams are located in the manual for that particular model

Where is Speed pulse wire for a fiat ducato?

on the fuse box the blue connector 40 pins is pin 7 or 52 pins is pin 10 , if no wire you need to add.

Why would gauges in a 1983 Chevrolet Camaro not work?

if it is all the gauges it's probably a fuse, or just some, like speedo and odometer it could be a bad wire

How do you wire a speedometer on a 1973 vw bug?

there is a speedo cable that runs from the back of the speedometer to the drivers side front dust bearing cap it has a square hole in it that it sticks in

How do i wire a speedometer in a 72 CJ5 there are no marking on it for pos or neg please help?

What are you wiring? The speedo is cable operated. If you are wiring up the lights, it doesn't matter, as long as you have a "hot" and a ground the lights will work. If you are wiring up one of the gauges built into the speedo it depends on which gauge you are wiring up.

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 1995 Plymouth Neon?

There is no speedo cable on a Neon. It uses a speed sensor located on the top of the right-hand axel output housing. It is a black unit that has a clip-in two-wire connector. If your speedo inside the car isn't working that's usually the culprit.

Where is the speed pulse wire on a 2008 Ford Mondeo?

To obtain a speed pulse you would require a CanBus Unit and connect it to the correct can wires. Usualy the OBD 2 socket. Pins 14(can low) and 6(can high). :)

Where is the speed pulse wire on a 2001 Ford Explorer?

well if the 2001 is in the same generation as the 98-2000, then the wire is gray with a black stripe and can be found in the harness that goes to the fuse box under the hood.

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