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Sperm and eggs are called what?

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They are called sex cells.

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"Roe" is the name given to fish eggs and sperm in cooking. The eggs are called "hard roe" and the sperm (milt) is called "soft roe".

Its called a Hermaphrodite

The male forces the unfertilized eggs out of the female by squeezing her. As the eggs emerge from her cloaca, the male coats them in sperm. The sperm seeps into the eggs from the outside. This whole process is called amplexus.

gametogenesis. Formation og the games is when sperm and eggs are producede. Sperm are made in the process of spermatogenesis, and eggs (or the oocyte) by oogenesis.

eggs and sperm are haploid cells

Sperm and eggs are sex cells.

Ova (eggs) are produced in the ovary. They are formed from reproductive cells called primordial germ cells in a process called oogenesis. The sperm are produced through spermatogenesis in the males gonads.

Sperm is adapted for fertilization specifically of eggs with a special organelle called an acrosome. This organelle allows the sperm, and only the sperm, to pierce and enter the egg.

This is called sperm. Females produce eggs.

The male sex cell is called the sperm and the female sex cells are called the ova (singular: ovum)

a lot of sperm die soon to find out the eggs.

Female sex cells are called eggs. The male sex cell is called sperm.

Their sperm joins with the eggs outside of their bodies. The female releases her eggs into the water. The male then releases his sperm and the gametes join.

by meiosis. for sperm it is called spermatogenesis while for eggs it is called oogenesis.

Yes. This process produces gametes called eggs in females and sperm in males.

Girls don't have sperm they have eggs

No they do not have sperm, the have eggs which can be fertilised by a sperm

Fish eggs are often called roe. The roe of the sturgeon, a relative of the catfish is called caviar and is very expensive indeed. Fish sperm is often called milt.

All haploid cells have unpaired chromosomes: eggs and sperm.

A sperm cell is haploid, and an unfertilized egg is haploid; but fertilized eggs are diploid.

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