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Then you could get pregnant.

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Can a virgin get pregnant if sperm was on the vaginal opening?

Yes, they can. Being a virgin does not prevent sperm from traveling in to fertilize an egg.

What does if dry sperm enter in a virgin women through finger?

Dry sperm is dead sperm so nothing happens.

Can you fall pregnant if you are a virgin and had sperm can in contact with your virgina?

It is possible, but unlikely to get pregnant from sperm on your vagina.

Will i get pregnant if sperm on virgin?

Yes. Even if a virgin ejaculates on you there is a chance to get pregnant. Virgins have low sperm count but still have active sperm. Sperm stay active for up to 24 hours after ejaculation.Next Answer:Virginity doesn't have anything to do with sperm count. It has to do with sexual maturity. In general, if a boy is old enough to have an erection and orgasm, he's producing sperm.

Can sperm in the butt cause diarrhea?

No sperm in the butt does not cause diareah but the penis being pushed in there may

Is a virgin women can pregnant with wet sperm finger?

Yes, it doesn't matter how the sperm get inside the vagina. If it's in it can get you pregnant.

Can you be a virgin father?

Yes, You have to sperm into something then put it into a girl

If you are a virgin and sperm touches your vagina can you get pregnant?

No, the sperm has to inside the vagina wall to travel up the philopien tubes with the thrust of the male's orgasm.

Can a virgin girl get pregnant if a sperm touches her hymen?

Yes, sperm lives for 3 days and they will swim the hold way if they get close to the vagina.

Does a girl gets pregnant when her seal is not broken but sperm are on outer part of vagina?

For someone to get pregnant the sperm has to come inside so if that didn't happen, no you can not be pregnant. The hymen does not protect you from getting sperm in though since you can still be a virgin if he had fingers inside of you and they had sperm on them.

Can a 14 teen year old virgin shout sperm?

Yes many can whether he is a virgin or not makes no difference once a male start producing sperm and semen he keeps on doing it for the rest of his life.

If your a virgin and sperm touches the outside of your vagina?

Virgin or not, you cannot get pregnant unless it goes inside where your egg is.

If a man is actively producing sperm does that mean he is sexually active?

No, sperm production begins automatically around puberty, regardless of sexual activity. Even a forty year old virgin will actively produce sperm.

Can a 14-year-old virgin shoot sperm?

If he has reached Puberty then he will be able to shortly if not already. It makes no difference if he is a virgin or not. Sperm doesn't always shoot out though, sometimes it just dribbles out.

If boy put penis on girl virgin but not put sperm on girl virgin then girl pregnant or not?

First, this is a poorly constructed, vulgar question. Second, no. The male sperm must reach the female egg for fertilization and pregnancy.

Can you get pregnant if you are a virgin but he precumed inside you?

Yes. Pre-ejaculate does contain some sperm, and one sperm cell is enough to get you pregnant if it makes it to your egg. Yes. Precome contains nutrients and seminal fluids for moving sperm, as well as sperm itself. So it is possible to get pregnant from precome. However, it is impossible to be a virgin and get precome in you unless the penis is wiped on the vagina. The mere act of penetration constitutes losing your virginity.

Is a bird single celled?

sperm sperm sperm sperm sperm water water water water porno shower

How many sperm are produced by the sperm in one minute?

Sperm do not produce sperm. Although meiosis may be occuring, to say that sperm creates sperm would be incorrect.

Can a virgin be a pregnant only drinking sperm?

No u have to have sexual intercourse to become pregnant

What are the five causes of maternal?

Sperm from mongoloids, sperm from caucasoids, sperm from negroids, sperm from semites and sperm from aborigines of unknown descent.

Can you get pregnant if a guy ejaculate his sperm near your vagina but you still a virgin?

The sperm would have to enter inside of the vagina. So ejaculating near it alone would not cause pregnancy.

What is whale sperm?

A whale sperm is a whale's sperm, obviously.

Can sperm get you pregnant if it's dry?

No, dry sperm = dead sperm.

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