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Start engine but shift lever would not move?

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2008-12-28 21:44:34

Many vehicles have a lock that prevents the transmission from

being shifted into gear accidentally. If the transmission won't

shift when you press on the brake, it's probably either the switch

on the brake pedal, or the solenoid that releases the shifter. My

2004 Honda Odessey did the same thing. I figured it out when I

noticed that the horn was also out, and the brake lights wouldn't

work. There is a 20Amp "Stop" fuse located in the main under-hood

fuse box on the left side of the engine compartment. If that fuse

blows, it takes power from the horn and the brake switch on the

brake pedal. Without that brake switch, the shift lock solenoid

also looses power and you can't shift out of Park. If you can't

replace the fuse, you can manually release the shift lever lock by

prying off that little rectangular cover on the top of the steering

wheel shaft housing. Once the little cover is off, you can insert a

key or small screwdriver into the slot and press down to release

the shift lever. The owners manual describes how to do this. Just

check the index under "Shift lever locked". The manual says to turn

the car off, and then use a key to release the shift lever. Once

the lever is out of the "Park" position, move the lever down to

"Neutral" and start the car. If you can't replace that Stop fuse

you will have to do this every time you put the shifter back in

Park. Hpwever, you should not drive the car because you will have

no break lights!!!

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