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the three basic merits are: a) upto the doorstep .... no other form of transport can take you to your door step. b) easily modifiable ... can alter the roadways quite easily unlike other forms wherein the berthing options require huge infrastructure be it waterways, airways or railways. c) less prone to external forces ... rain / storm / cyclone etc affects other forms very easily ... however the roadways do not really get affected due to such conditions. Regards

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Q: State any three merits of roadways?
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Advantages or merits of roadways include:Provide safer travel (versus across undeveloped countryside)Provide streamlined travel between 2 pointsProvide organized traffic flow in 2 directions (versus unordered travel where any person has right of way)Provides smoother travel if the roadway is kept in repair (whether travel is on foot, in wagons, or in modern vehicles)That's 4. Perhaps you can think of a few more.

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