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State of perfect bliss in Buddhism?


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nirvana! it is when you finally get out of the endless cycle of life (birth, life, death, rebirth as another being). to get to this stage, you must live your live fulfillingly (is that a word?) and reach the highest realm of rebirth, being deva.

The first thing I don't quite agree with is the statement "the highest realm of rebirth". I am told that it is beyond realms. "it is beyond coming and going". So I think that is misleading as to the nature of the enlightened nature of the mind.

" The mind is never born, the mind never dies" Lama Karma Samten

But of course the nature of the enlightened mind is beyond concepts and to avoid that being a cop out, there is a way to experience this enlightened nature. By the only way possible which is through direct experience. This is the path of Buddhism, of which the following of the precepts, meditation, and

analysing the teachings are the foundations.

However the teachings of Dzogchen also point to the enlightened nature of the mind, they say that enlightenment can be recognised in an instant by being introduced directly. Many fantastical stories arise around these experiences which are the mind awakening from a kind of sleeping to reveal this hidden, unrecognised, sort of overlooked quality that has been obstructed by our ordinary busy minds which are overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings that arise from those thoughts. Meditation is an important step towards calming the chatter and recognising what the mind is when left alone from this constant internal jabber. Good Luck