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Not unless your husband's Will states it. Although you have every right to be looked after should you become a widow, it would be nice if something was left to the children as well. The children should have the right to a few personal things of their fathers (or mothers should she have left anything behind which your husband may have kept.)

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As a stepmother who raised the children with your husband for 25 years, you may not be legally obligated to divide up assets with the children in the event of your husband's passing. It would depend on your local laws and any existing legal agreements or wills in place. It is advisable to consult with a legal professional to understand your rights and obligations in this situation.

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Q: Step mom for 25 years children were 7 and up when you married the real mom was not in the picture you raised the children will you have to divide up everything with these children if your husband were?
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