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Steps on how to brush your hair?

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May 01, 2007 11:20PM

The best tools are a wide toothed comb and a boar bristle brush. Hair care gets more critical the longer your hair is. The hair should not be washed every day, but more like around twice a week, and preferably in the morning. Comb your hair before washing it. Comb hair while full of conditioner. To dry your hair, squeeze and stroke your hair gently with a towel. Air dry hair and prevent it from getting damaged while wet. When completely dry, use a wide toothed comb to detangle hair. Work from the ends of your hair, always stroking downwards. Never comb, brush, pull, or yank your hair when wet. Never rub, scrub, or brush your hair upwards ever. Never use a brush to detangle hair or on wet or unhealthy hair.