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Steps to beating spy island on poptropica?

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Copy find the hidden agents around the spy island

2.get the messages from them

3decode the messages

4.find a laser for trashcan boy

5.get the key from trashcan boy

6.use the key to open dr. spyglasses upper room

7.get the gadgets you need ....


2010-09-18 19:55:56
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Q: Steps to beating spy island on poptropica?
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What is the weird mask on spy island for Poptropica?

The mask on spy island in poptropica is a mask from Nabooti island.

When did Spy island come out on Poptropica?

Spy Island, the sixth island of Poptropica, was released on September 9, 2008.

What island was after Super Power Island on Poptropica?

The 6th island in Poptropica was Spy Island.

Where is the spy gogles in spy island on poptropica?

The third spy has it

Where is the warehouse on spy island on Poptropica?

Where is the warehouse on poptropica's spy island?

Where do you get the jet pack on spy island?

Its at early poptropica not spy island

It's September and still no spy island on poptropica?

Spy Island is out alredy. Spy Island is out alredy.

Where is the head quarters on Poptropica spy island?

The head quarter in poptropica on spy island is near the HAIR CLUB

Where is agent 3 at in poptropica spy island?

at a place in spy island that i do not know of.

How do you get in the secret hideout on spy island on poptropica?

where is the secret hideout on spy island

Where is the spy in the headquarters on spy island on poptropica?

It is the Second Building on Main Street on Spy Island on

How do you get camouflage on Poptropica?

spy island

Where is the vent on Poptropica?

On The Spy Island!

Were in Poptropica do you get the spies?

spy island

Where is mr.spyglass in Poptropica?

he is in spy island.

Where is The Secret Garden on Poptropica at spy island?

The secret garden on poptropica is on the top of the tallest building on spy island.-Hope this helps!

Poptropica spy island how to open the locker?

There isn't a locker in spy island, but there is in Big Nate island.

What is the name of level 6 on Poptropica?

The 6th island was Spy Island.Order in which Poptropica islands were released :Early PoptropicaShark Tooth IslandTime Tangled Island24 Carrot IslandSuper Power IslandSpy Island

What island was after spy island on Poptropica?

The island after Spy Island was Nabooti Island in November, 2009.(aka Choose your own Adventure, which was just a sponsor)This was followed by Big Nate Island in early 2010.The island after Spy Island was Nabooti Island, the 7th Poptropica Island.

Where is the toupee terace in Poptropica?

Toupee Terace is on spy island poptropica. when you first get to spy island run right until you see the sign

Where is the fourth spy on spy island?

Get the Poptropica Secrets app and find out.

Where is the eye shop in poptropica?

it is on the spy island.

Is there a spy island in poptropica?

yes its here

Where is the mission in poptropica?

the mission is on spy island

Where do you find the gun in poptropica?

in spy island