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Q: Success comes to those who will and dare?
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Article on success comes to those who will and dare?

Success comes to those who have young determination , willpower , aim in life.

Essay on success comes to those who will and dare?

SUCCESS COMES TO THOSE WHO WILL AND DARE Success comes to those who will and dare is a commonly used phrase which indicates that we can change our life independently. The freedom of India was not won in a day or in a song. It took 100's of years to win it. If you want something and you are not getting it don't be upset as god has planned something better for you. A great author has said, a man is not retired as long as he is seeking. He who doesn't hope to win has already lost. On the other hand, A man has never lost untill he quits., only you can change your life no one can do it for you. Willpower always has a success shower. Tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal, it lies in not in h

Can i have an essay on '' success comes to those who dare and act ''?

in our life many obstacles are to be faced yet we deny it. so many times we have let down many people. but to say the truth success really comes those who choose to dare and act. a coward can never succeed because he never choose the hard way or never wants to do any work. people who take a big step like climbing the mount Everest can really succeed. if a person chooses to dare and act success will come on its own. similarly if a person has his will power and have a feeling of 'i will do it' then he or she can really can do it.

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Why is health important for college success?

Success comes from hard work, but hard work comes from good health

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Helene Rothschild has written: 'Free to fly, dare to be a success' -- subject(s): Affirmations, Case studies, Problems, exercises, Psychological aspects of Success, Self-actualization (Psychology), Self-perception, Success