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Q: Sufism is a mystical brand of?
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What is the mystical tradition of Islam is known as?

"Sufism" is the correct term for the mystical tradition of Islam.

Sufism is a mystical sect of?

Of Islam.

What is mystical tradition of Islam?

a. Sufism

Who mainly practices Sufism?

Sufism is mainly practiced by the Muslims. But the Hindus, the Buddhists and the Christians also practice Sufism.

How is sufism more realistic than other religions?

This is a question asking for opinion rather than fact and therefore cannot be answered. Sufism (a mystical form of Islam) is only more realistic than other religions to those who practice sufism. To a Christian, Christianity is more realistic; to a Taoist, their religion is more realistic.

What is the mystical brand of Islam called?


Which is the more mystical section sunni or shi'ite?

Neither Orthodox Sunnis nor Orthodox Shiites are terribly mystical. The mystical form of Islam is best known as Sufism. Most Sufis are considered Sunni Muslims, but live and act in a way quite different than the Orthodox Sunnis.

Why might Sufism be called a mystical inner tradition?

The sufis give more impotance to their innerself than the outward appearance. It may be called mysticism.

In what country did Sufi Orders begin to form?

Sufism developed rather organically within the Abbassid Empire and early records are hard to find since Sufism was inherently esoteric and its practitioners could be guilty of heresy (bidaa'). The earliest known Sufis were in what is now Iraq and Iran, but many Sufi orders formalized in Turkey centuries later.

Who is the father of sufism?

Prophet Muhammad SAW is father of Sufism . He is fountain of all sects of Sufism .

Why is Islam incomplete without sufism?

Because Sufism is about peace, spirituality and closeness to God which is what Islam is all about. Conclusion: Islam is Sufism and Sufism is Islam.

When was Sufism Reoriented created?

Sufism Reoriented was created in 1952.