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Q: Summarize the use of art as an embodiment of Counter Reformation goals during the Baroque Age?
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What is the relationship between the Counter-Reformation and the movement known as the Baroque?


What are Types and styles of Baroque period?

Aristocratic, Bourgeoisie, and counter/catholic reformation.

Explain the use of art as an embodiment of counter reformation goals during the Baroque Age?

Counter-reformation art was meant to draw people back to Catholicism. They embodied the dramatic and whimsy, using extremely realistic details and also emphasized modesty. Some great examples of Counter-Reformation Art would be Gian Bernini's sculptures. They are so intricate and truly capture their goals, look up his sculptures "The Ecstasy of St. Theresa", "David", "Apollo", and "The Rape of Persephone", which is my favorite sculpture of his.

How did the Catholic reformation play in the counter reformation?

The Catholic Reformation and the counter reformation are two expressions for the same thing.

How did the Catholic Reformation differ from the Counter-Reformation?

They are the same. The Catholic Reformation is just a different name for the Counter Reformation.

Which is correct term Catholic Reformation or Counter Reformation?

It is usually referred to as the Counter Reformation but either term is correct.

How is the counter reformation related to the Protestant Reformation?

The counter reformation was the Catholic Church's way of fighting back against the protestants.

What are the three legacies of the reformation of the catholic church in the Renascence time period?

I guess you mean the Catholic counter-reformation. Its main legacies are new monastic orders, especially the Jesuits and the Capuchines, Baroque art, and the Gregorian calendar.

What is another name for the Catholic Reformation?

The Counter Reformation

When was League for Catholic Counter-Reformation created?

League for Catholic Counter-Reformation was created in 1967.

Do you capitalize counter reformation?


What was a goal of the counter reformation in the new world?

The Catholic Counter-Reformation was in response to the Protestant Reformation. Its goal was to reform the Catholic Church from within.

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