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Summary of the poem casey at the bat?


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April 24, 2012 8:16PM

Casey at the bat is about a baseball team that is two points behind and in the ninth inning (the last). There are two "garbage" batters before the all mighty casey. The first hits a single and the team scores once. The second batter goes up and strikes out. Now its all up to casey, there are two outs and the bases are loaded, casey is up. He gets to the plate, and the pitcher throws the bll and casey doesn't hit it claiming "its not my style." he throws again and casey lets it slide. Now the audience is nervous, there team is one point from tieing up the game. The pitcher throws another casey swings with all of his might and strike three "your out", casey missed and the team loses. And somewhere else in the world there is a happy town that's cheering, but not for this one.