Sunday express crossword answers

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a period of work or duty that involves sleeping away from home,especially among railway workers (7,4)

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Q: Sunday express crossword answers
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What is the answer to Sunday express crossword 12 acrosssqueezes or forces out?

The answer is "extrudes"

What is Miranda' surname in the Sunday Express Crusader crossword?


What is the answer to 23 down in Sunday express crossword letters in srae?

The answer is ADIT

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desideratum good luck with crossword in Sunday express

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A Lungworm! Are you doing the Sunday Express crossword too?

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Carp. The answer for 30d Sunday Express £1000 Crossword ---- CHUB

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The answers to the New York Times crossword puzzle can usually be found in the next issue of the newspaper. The New York Times crossword puzzle is a syndicated puzzle that appears in many newspapers in the United States every Sunday.

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The answer to this Sunday Express £1000 prize crossword question is ALKANE

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If this is for the Sunday Express crossword, Sunday Sept 20th, question 20 across, we have put 'covet' which is to wish, long or crave after something.

Where can you find answers to Sunday February 7 New York Times times crossword puzzle?

They are published on February 14.

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porcini or porcino. Best of luck... we have one answer left to go on the Sunday express crossword.

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Sago Something tells me you are trying to cheat on the Sunday Express crossword.

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