Superior in a sentence

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Hanna has a superior score in her test on Thursday.

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Q: Superior in a sentence
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Related questions

What is a sentence with superior?

i have an superior collection of goosebumps books

A sentence with the word superior?

The superior team won the race!

When do you capitalize superior?

Superior is capitalized when it is the first word in a sentence, in the title of a book or magazine or in a name such as Lake Superior.

Can you put the word superior in a sentence?

Superior means "above", so you use it where you want to explain relationships. Alice used her superior knowledge to solve the problem. Johan was Matt's superior in basketball. Notice in the second sentence that superior is used for the word "better", it can be used for bosses or supervisors.

How do you use the word superior in a sentence?

Albert Einstein was of superior intellect. A 100% cotton garment is superior in quality to a polyester one.

How do you use superior council in a sentence?

The superior council has received your resignation, but can not honor it under the current circumstances.

What part of speech is superior?

Superior can be a noun or an adjective.Examples:He was considered a superior because he had a big house.In the sentence above, superior is used a noun meaning, "a person higher in rank."He had superior knowledge of the inside of the strange house because he had been in it several times.In the sentence above, superior is used as an adjective meaning, "more than average."

What could be a sentence with the word superior in it?

My chocolate brownie was way superior to my cousin's double scoop of ice cream.

How do you use the word superior in a simple sentence?

the rich family was superior than the other family in the neighbor hood.

How do you use the word companionship in a sentence?

This dog will provide superior companionship.

What is the correct grammar for the following sentence you appreciate and value all the things that your superior had said or has said?

You appreciate and value everything your superior says?

How do you use interchange in a sentence?

Superior and subordinates freely interchange ideas and information.

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