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all that with margarine on the bread would be lovely xx

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What molds faster cheese or a tomato?


Is cheese made of tomato?

No, cheese is made from milk.

How many people eat a cheese and tomato toastie?

I guess on the average 10million people eat cheese and tomato toastie

What is on a pizza?

Tomato sauce and cheese.

What are the ingredients to make a cheese pizza?

Cheese, tomato purée, pizza base.

What is a cheese and tomato pizza called?


What is on a mc donalds cheese burger?

beef patty, cheese, pickles and tomato sauce.

Is cheese and tomato pizzas for babies?

no, its lush for anyone

What are the forms of energy in biology?

cheese sausage tomato

What is the trditanal pizza toppings?

Margherita - cheese and tomato

Did they have cheese lettuce and tomato sandwiches in the 1800s?


How do you make tomato Italian gravy?

what you do you add tomato to gravy and then add a bit off Italian cheese

What is a sentence for the word tomato?

Here is an example sentence with the word "tomato":The tomato has a sour taste as it contains acids.

What are the standered components for a pizza?

melted cheese and tomato i think

Can tomato sauce spoils faster than cheese?


Which has more calories a grilled cheese sandwich or a turkey wrap with lettuce tomato and one slice of American cheese?

I think its the grilled cheese

What are the chief ingredients of a pizza?

Dough, cheese and tomato kizy says: pizza base- flour, water, salt, yeast. toppings- tomato puree, cheese (mozzaella), other toppings of your choice :)

Is Tesco cheese and tomato pizza suitable for vegetarians?

Probably the cheese is non-vegatarian - made with animal rennet.

Harvest moon ds how to make pizza?

cheese, flour, ketchup cheese: cheese maker flour: supermarket ketchup: tomato made with n/a

What vegetables are there in spring?

peppers, potato, tomato, cucumbers, carrot

What is on a margarita pizza?

Margarita pizza has no toppings and has only cheese and tomato on it.

What are the ingredients of a pizza?

Dough, tomato sauce, and cheese, and add a topping

What is Zac Efron's favorite kind of pizza?

cheese with ham and tomato

What are capital resources of pizza?

cheese, bread/dough, tomato sauce

What is the main ingredients for pizza?

cheese,bread,tomato sauce, toppings.