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Surface-area-to-volume ratio in nanoparticles?

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Surface area to volume ratio in nanoparticles have a significant effect on the nanoparticles properties. Firstly, nanoparticles have a relative larger surface area when compared to the same volume of the material. For example, let us consider a sphere of radius r:

The surface area of the sphere will be 4πr2

The volume of the sphere = 4/3(πr3)

Therefore the surface area to the volume ratio will be 4πr2/{4/3(πr3)} = 3/r

It means that the surface area to volume ration increases with the decrease in radius of the sphere and vice versa.

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How are Nanoparticles used to make nano tubes?

Nanotubes are nanoparticles. They are made of atoms, not of nanoparticles.

Are nanoparticles dangerous?

Viruses are nanoparticles, and they can be dangerous.

How are nanoparticles constructed in to mascara's?

Nanoparticles are put into mascara\'s to reduce clumping. Nanoparticles are made out of the soot from a candle flame.

Why are nanoparticles used in textiles?

because teh nanoparticles are so good

What is the difference between nano and bulk material?

Nanoparticles behave quite different from their bulk of the same composition due to the high surface to volume ratio.

How are nanoparticles useful in producing industrial catalysts?

Can you recognize Cu nanoparticles without TEM microscopy?

Are nanoparticles the same as ordanary particles?

no they are not. nanoparticles are much smaller than normal/ordinary particles

Who found nanoparticles?

Michael Faraday is generally considered to be the first person to conduct scientific research on nanoparticles.

What is the effect of silver nanoparticles in plastic?

Silver nanoparticles are antibacterial, and when embedded in plastics for use in the medical field, are non-toxic. This makes silver nanoparticles useful in plastic applications such as surgical catheters.

What has the author Anatol M Brodsky written?

Anatol M. Brodsky has written: 'Nanoparticles' -- subject(s): Nanoparticles

Do nanoparticles have colors?

We cant really see nanoparticles to tell if they have colours, some do depending on what they are made from, but more commonly we see nanoparticles as a suspension in water, ethanol or some other solvent. These solutions can give rise to some intense colours, this is due to raylaigh scattering that takes place from the nanoparticles. A phemonon called surface plasmon resonance also has a part to play in the colours that we see for colloidal nanoparticles.

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nanoparticles are basicly microscopic particles. Nanotechnology is the technology used to manipulate these nonoparticles for human use.

Uses of nanoparticles?

Nanoparticles are used in sunscreens. They offer protection and can be rubbed in so they block harmful ultraviolet light from the sun without white marks on the skin . This is because it contains titanium dioxide nanoparticles which are so small that they do not reflect visible light, so they cannot be seen.Sports equipment:Nanoparticles are added to materials to make them stronger whilst often being lighter. They have been used in tennis rackets, golf clubs and shoesClothing:Silver nanoparticles have been added to socks. This stops them from absorbing the smell of sweaty feet as the nanoparticles have antibacterial properties

How are nanoparticles different to normal sized particles?

Nanoparticles are a lot smaller than regular sized particles, about one millionth the size of a regular particle.

How are particles arranged in nanoparticles?

They are arranged in groups of six.

What has the author Morteza Mahmoudi written?

Morteza Mahmoudi has written: 'Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles' -- subject(s): Nanomedicine, Ferric oxide, Magnetic properties, Nanoparticles

Why nanoparticles pass through the skin and travel around the body more easily than normal-sized particles of titanium oxide?

Nanoparticles can travel around the body more easily than normal-sized particles of titanium oxide because nanoparticles are much smaller.

Why are nanoparticles in mascara?

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What is name of ZnO?

Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs)

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