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vehicle model??? Otherwise I may suspect the door and fender.. have they been repaired?? LOL!! Just joking.)

check your battery connections

2010-11-06 00:21:21
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When was the Cordless Impact Driver invented?

in 1941 Will Smith and Elvis Presley invented the impact driver

How can you make a sentence with the word impact?

The impact of the meteor created a crater in the earth.The community has been badly impacted by sustained poverty.

What impact did the growth of families in the 1950s have on American business?

It sustained growth of consumer-goods industries.

How do renewable natural resources impact economic activities?

Renewable resources are sustained by balancing use and renewal

What is a sentence for impact?

The impact of the meteorite caused a huge crater in the ground.

What is the intended purpose of an airbag?

To prevent injury by cushioning the driver and passengers from impact.

A car traveling at a velocity of 50 mph crashed into a brick wall What is the velocity of the driver the moment after impact if the driver was not wearing his seatbelt?

55mph (studyisland)

What is The Human Impact of Kerosene?

WOW. getting laid.

How many people die in car crash each year due to alcohol?

Hardly any, most die from the impact or wounds sustained during the crash.

Imperialism's impact on World War 1?

it impact its sels by helping the poor people for getting jobs

When impact of recession will be over?

When the rich stop getting richer, and the poor stop getting poorer.

What is the penelty for a teen driver getting a dwi in Texas?

You will probably lose your license, have to pay fines, go to alcohol evaluation/impact classes, and possibly get your license suspended. All depends on your previous record and circumstances regarding your citation.

Disadvantages of football?

One of the main disadvantages of football is the risk of injury. Some injuries sustained during football can be long lasting and impact a player for the rest of his life.

How do you remove a 1968 old beetles door hinge from the door?

Impact driver and lots of rust penetrant.

What caused Baby David's death Texas impact?

killed by a drunk driverr

How does pest control impact the environment?

it can impact the environment by at least getting rid of some of the pests and for them not to get into other peoples gardens

Why was Lenin killed?

Lenin wasn't killed, he died of natural causes. The three bullet wounds he sustained before may have had an impact on this, but they didn't kill him- he lived after them for some time.

Does dividends have an impact on shareholders wealth?

Getting dividends increases your wealth.

How does a gumsheild reduce injury?

It stops shockwaves from impact getting to your skull

What impact do tornadoes have on the built environment?

Depending on the strength of the tornado most buildings will sustained some degree of damage. A very strong tornado will destroy most, if not all buildings in its path.

What impact did the silk road have on china?

it helped the chinese by getting money from the trade

Will getting your tonsils taken out make your voice get deeper?

No. It has no impact on your voice box.

How did Indira Gandhi impact India's supply?

by sewing it and getting it like a servant

Can you use an impact driver for drywall fixing?

No, you can't , however you can use a spring loaded bit that moves back into the holder.

How many airbags are on a 2004 Saturn L300?

4 airbags in 2004 Saturn L-300; front driver and front passenger; roof mount side impact driver and directly behind back seat passenger and roof mount side impact passenger and directly behind back seat passenger