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Symbol for approximately?

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I cant make it with the key board, buts its like a wavy "=sign" ...if you look at the key just to the left of the "1" key, it looks like that little squigly mark, but doubled.

Answer: Alt + 247

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What is the mathematical approximately sign?

The double tilde symbol "≈" approximately equal to

What is the math symbol for similar to?

The symbol is three vertical lines next to each other the symbol above is the symbol for approximately equal to.Wrong, the correct symbol is ~

What is the symbol for approximately equal to?

It is a squiggly equals sign, like this ≈

Shortcut key for approximately symbol?

Type 2248 then Alt x

What does the mathematical symbol of Pi equal?

Pi is approximately equal to 3.141592652389793238462.

How many years has the White House been the symbol of the presidency?

approximately 217 years.

Symbol for around?

Diophantine approximation deals with approximation to real numbers by rational numbers. The symbol "≈" means "approximately equal to"; tilde (~) and the Libra sign () are common alternatives.

What is the shorthand symbol for approximately?

Approx. Simply 'Approx.' Example: I sat at the table for approx. 5 minutes.

What does the symbol that looks like an equal sign with a tilde on top mean?

It means congruent, which is to say they are approximately equal. Such as 3.9595 is approximately 4. Or, in geometry, two angles are basically the same size and shape but are positioned differently.

What is the ticker symbol for Frito Lay?

Frito Lay is owned by PepsiCo Incorporated. A ticker symbol for Frito Lay by itself does not exist but the ticker symbol for PepsiCo is PEP and it trades on the New York Stock Exchange.Note: Frito Lay contributes approximately 30% to the bottom line of Pepsi.

What gas is one fifth of earths atmosphere?

Oxygen makes up approximately one-fifth of the Earth's atmosphere. The symbol for oxygen is O.

What symbol concatenates two text items in excel?

The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.The & symbol.

What symbol in Excel refers to cells not wide enough to display the entire entry?

The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.The # symbol.

What is the maths symbol e?

That symbol is used for a number, which is approximately 2.718. It is one of the most important numbers in mathematics, together with pi - both appear over and over again, in many places. The number "e" is the base of the natural logarithms.

Is pie 3.14795?

No. It's pi, not pie ("pie" is a dessert). Pi is the name of a Greek letter represented by the symbol π. Its value is approximately 3.14159.

What is Plank's constant?

It is the constant of proportionality relating the energy of a photon to the frequency of that photon.Its value is approximately 6.626 × 10-34 joule-second.Its symbol is h

What is abbreviation symbol for approximately?

In math, use ~.In medicine, use app.In most other contexts, use approx.For dates, seeWhat_is_the_abbreviation_for_approximate_when_writing_a_date

How do you get circumference for the circle?

Measure the diameter. Multiply the diameter by Pi, this will give the circumference. Pi is approximately 3.1415927 You can use the Pi symbol on a scientific calculator or use 22/7.

Is the symbol more than or less than?

The "more than" symbol is the > symbol. The "less than" symbol is the < symbol.

What is the symbol for sum?

hi,the symbol for direct sum is The bun symbol ⊕, or the coproduct symbol ∐, is used.the symbol for connected sum is #.

What is the symbol of Hpyno's?

what is the symbol of Hypno's? what is the symbol of Hypno's?

What Chemical symbol is the symbol for Cooper?

the symbol is Cu

What is Scylla's symbol?

She had no symbol. Are you sure you mean 'symbol'?

What symbol represents the greek god Aphrodite?

The symbol of Aphrodite is the female symbol. Keep in mind as well, that the female symbol was Aphrodite's symbol before it was the female symbol.

What are the names and symbols of the Titans?

The 12 main Titans were:Cronus - symbol: sickle or scytheOceanus - symbol: a fish and a serpentIapetus - symbol: ?Hyperion - symbol: ?Crius - symbol: ?Coeus - symbol: ?Rhea - symbol: a turret crown, attended by lionsTethys - symbol: a small pair of wingsTheia - symbol: ?Phoebe - symbol: ?Themis - symbol: scales and a double edged swordMenoetius - symbol: ?

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