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ck for vac.leak or bad iac valve

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Q: Symptoms of bad spark plugs cause 97 olds aurora to die when slowing down?
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How to change spark plugs on 2001 aurora?

I can't located the spark plugs on my 2001 aurora 6v 3.5 engline the plugs are under the gray caps inthe front center of the motor and in the rear center they are a pain to do

How many spark plugs are on a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora?

1 in each cylinder...........

Spark plug gap for aurora 4.0?

Just changed plugs on my 1999 aurora and the gap was .05. It stopped a hesitation at idle too!

What may cause bad idling on 2002 Oldsmobile Aurora?

check the wires, if they are crossed up you get bad ilding. my aurora was idling around 1500 rpm's, but after having all the spark plugs and boots replaced it went back to around 600...see if that helps

Car engine dies when slowing down?

Hi, there can be a number of thing that cause this. your idle is to low, spark plugs, wire is loose, and check the Flo meter if you don't know where it at. it will be just before the air filter

How do you access spark plugs on a 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora 4.0 V8 engine?

remove the coil pack; use a jointed extension with sparkplug socket to reach plugs.

Can wearing ear plugs cause dizziness?

Wearing ear plugs generally does not cause dizziness. However, if the ear plugs are inserted too deeply or incorrectly, it can put pressure on the ear canal, potentially leading to discomfort or imbalance. If you experience dizziness while wearing ear plugs, it is recommended to remove them and consult with a healthcare professional if the symptoms persist.

What are they symptoms of bad spark plugs?

Missing and or poor fuel economy. If the plugs have over 75,000 miles on them, just replace them. The same symptoms will occur with defective spark plug wires.

Why does my Aurora shake when i stop?

One reason your Aurora may shake when you stop is your fuel injectors are not plugged in completely. It could also be due to weak spark plugs or a bad motor mount.

What are the symptoms of dirty spark plugs?

sounds liked going cut out

How many spark plugs are in the 1998 olds aurora?

for each cylinder there is one plug youll see the wires leading to each Improved Answer: I have a '98 Olds and it is a V8 meaning it has 8 plugs

1997 aurora will the block crack before blowing a freeze plug?

The freeze plugs are designed to blow before the engine cracks on a 1997 Aurora. The process is not foolproof, and the block could still possibly crack.