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Lower Back pain, pelvic pressure or pain, and pain the back of your legs are all symptoms that may be caused by myoma. Other symptoms may include pressure on the bowel and bladder.

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What are the necessary Treatments for myoma?

A myoma is also known as a fibroid that occurs in the uterus of a woman. It is a benign growth that does not usually require treatment unless it causes symptoms such as heavy and prolonged menstrual periods or pelvic pain. The necessary treatments for myoma, when required, include laser treatment, a myomectomy or a hysterectomy.

Pathophysiology of myoma uterine?

pathophysiology of myoma uterine

What is the pathophysiology of myoma uterine?

at is the pathophysiology what is the pathophysiology of myoma

When a myoma can be cancerous?

It's cancerous if and only if it is not real myoma.

What is the definition of myoma?

A myoma is a benign tumor of muscle tissue.

What is myoma uteri-intramural?

is it myoma is dangerous to my health and for the pregnant

When did Myoma Nyein die?

Myoma Nyein died on 1955-09-15.

When was Myoma Nyein born?

Myoma Nyein was born on 1909-01-25.

What causes myoma?

It is unknown what the actual cause of a myoma is. It is believed that it may be linked to the hormone estrogen.

When was Myoma Myint Kywe born?

Myoma Myint Kywe was born on 1960-04-14.

What is a cyst in the ovaries?


What is the cause of myoma?

The cause of myoma in the uterus is unknown. These are uterine fibroids that cause many women pain and discomfort.

When was Myoma U Than Kywe born?

Myoma U Than Kywe was born on 1924-12-26.

When did Myoma U Than Kywe die?

Myoma U Than Kywe died on 1983-09-22.

What is intramural myoma?

An intramural myoma is a uterine fibroid. This is basically a noncancerous tumor that is found in the uterus of the female reproductive organ.

Causes of myoma?

Myoma or fibroids are caused by hormones in the body and certain genes that run in families. These are very common and they are noncancerous.

Is myoma is dangerous to your health?

Yes it is dangerous. Myoma is a cancer of muscle tissue. It is something that needs immediate medical attention.

What is the root word in myomectomy?

The root word of myomectomy is myoma. A myomectomy is the surgical removal of a myoma, or the excision of a fibroid tumor from the uterus.

What is a enlarged myomatous uterus free fluid?

Myomatous uterus refers to a myoma within the uterus. A myoma is a usually benign mass is growing in the uterus. The free fluid can become trapped within the uterus, depending on where the myoma is growing.

What is a physiologic cyst on the left ovary?


What are the signs of myoma?

Myoma is a tumor made of fibrous tissue that is found in the wall of the uterus. The signs of myoma is pelvic pain or pressure, pain in the back of the legs, heavy and prolonged bleeding, weight gain, pressure on the bowel or bladder and pain during sexual intercourse.

How does MYOMA develops?

Myoma develops in women mostly during the reproductive years. This grows very quickly during pregnancy when the bodyÕs creating extra estrogen.

What is the medical term meaning muscle tumor?

A muscle tumor is a myoma.Smooth muscle - benign = Leiomyoma, malignant = LeiomyosarcomaSkeletal muscle - benign = Rhabdomyoma, malignant = RhabdomyosarcomaMyomaA tumor that originates from muscle tissue is called a myoma (bening) or myosarcoma (malignant).myocytoma

Can a myoma block a fetus from showing up on a sonogram?

Not usually, no.

What is mayuma disease?

Are u sure it is mayuma? not myoma(uterine fibroids)